It’s ‘Groundhog Day’ for Jeep, Bill Murray and Super Bowl

Let us get this straight. We have a Jeep, which is a vehicle we love. We have Bill Murray as Phil Connors from one of our all-time favorite comedies, Groundhog Day?!!!!!! And there’s a flippin’ groundhog?! Call this our number one spot now. For Super Bowl, Jeep debuted a 60-second spot this morning starring Murray reprising his … Continue reading “It’s ‘Groundhog Day’ for Jeep, Bill Murray and Super Bowl”

Olay makes space for women in full Super Bowl spot

“Is there enough space in space for women? Who wrote that?” asks Katie Couric in Olay‘s Super Bowl spot which is inspired by the first all-female space walk last year. The ad stars Lilly Singh and Busy Philipps, who take a trip into space with retired astronaut Nicole Stott. Their space mission is overseen by … Continue reading “Olay makes space for women in full Super Bowl spot”

President Trump releases Super Bowl spot

Besides the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl LIV will also witness for the first time the battle of the billionaires – Republican incumbent billionaire President Donald J. Trump and Democratic Presidential hopeful, former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The Trump campaign released a :30-second spot, holding back on … Continue reading “President Trump releases Super Bowl spot”

Mike Bloomberg releases $10m Super Bowl spot

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and Reel 360 is still attempting to keep up with the flood of commercials released ahead of the Big Game. In between :30-second and :60-second spots for Pepsi, P&G, Mountain Dew, Kia, Genesis, Olay and a plethora of other brands, there will be two new ads attempting to attract buyers … Continue reading “Mike Bloomberg releases $10m Super Bowl spot”

Verizon creates 5G dome experience at Super Bowl

Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl , Verizon and Momentum have teamed with Tool and  eightvfx on a spectacular 5G dome experience at the Big Game Live activation space in Miami. The experience is complete with an immersive AR experience, volumetric football players and 5G features of the future, showing how Verizon’s 5G NFL stadiums are revolutionizing … Continue reading “Verizon creates 5G dome experience at Super Bowl”

Viewers co-create P&G’s 1st interactive Super Bowl spot

What happens when you mix Procter and Gamble’s portfolio of products with a bunch of raving, beer-guzzling, wing-eating football fans? That is exactly what Grey Midwest and client P&G are doing for their Super Bowl effort. The Cincinnati-based company will bring together seven of its iconic brands in a TV commercial designed to be co-created … Continue reading “Viewers co-create P&G’s 1st interactive Super Bowl spot”

Reese’s uses first Super Bowl spot for candy bar Take5

Tired of reading about all the Super Bowl spots airing yet? Well, don’t fall asleep on this one, because we at Reel 360 embrace dumb humor. And Reese’s first Super Bowl spot ever for a new candy bar Take5, which we are actually curious about, is really dumb and really funny. Perfect for the Big … Continue reading “Reese’s uses first Super Bowl spot for candy bar Take5”

Kia gets aspirational in “tough” Super Bowl spot

What would you tell your younger self trying to make your way through the world? Maybe heap a little wisdom and encouragement on the kid you once were? For Josh Jacobs, who rose from homelessness in middle school to football stardom as an Oakland Raider, it is an inspiring message of hope and determination, that the Reel … Continue reading “Kia gets aspirational in “tough” Super Bowl spot”

Cranston, Ross “shine” in Mtn Dew Super Bowl spot

This is how you do a Super Bowl spot. Mtn Dew Zero Sugar has released their Big Game offering starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Black-ish’s Tracie Ellis Ross. The :30-second spot, from TBWA\Chiat\Day New York kicks off an omni-channel marketing campaign that touts the tagline “As Good As the Original, Maybe Even Better,” and … Continue reading “Cranston, Ross “shine” in Mtn Dew Super Bowl spot”

Little Caesars, Rainn Wilson deliver in Super Bowl spot

This is funny Super Bowl spot. Little Caesars asks the new philosophical question – can their new delivery service be the next best thing since sliced bread? The innovative new delivery service will be the focal point of the Detroit-based company’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, airing in the 3rd quarter of the game. The high-octane spot — … Continue reading “Little Caesars, Rainn Wilson deliver in Super Bowl spot”

Watch Avocados Super Bowl spot w/ Molly Ringwald

No more teases. Energy BBDO and Avocados from Mexico have released the full :30-second spot which will run on the Super Bowl and a :60-second version which will run online on YouTube. Both star Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Riverdale star, Molly Ringwald. Titled “The Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network,” it’s a spin-off of your … Continue reading “Watch Avocados Super Bowl spot w/ Molly Ringwald”

Pepsi Zero teases Super Bowl with Missy Elliott & H.E.R.

Pepsi confirmed Hip Hop legend Missy Elliott and Grammy-nominated R&B singer H.E.R. will co-star in its new Pepsi Zero Sugar commercial airing during Super Bowl LIV. Missy and H.E.R. wrote and collaborated for the first time ever, on a new, reimagined version of the iconic Rolling Stones rock song, Paint it Black. Their collab with … Continue reading “Pepsi Zero teases Super Bowl with Missy Elliott & H.E.R.”

Budweiser celebrates ‘typical Americans’ for Super Bowl

Today, Budweiser revealed its Super Bowl spot ‘Typical American’, featuring some of the most viral acts of humanity the internet has ever seen, juxtaposed with some of the most common labels placed on Americans. The shining stars of the film are the real-life stories of community, ambition and progress that inspire and bring people together. … Continue reading “Budweiser celebrates ‘typical Americans’ for Super Bowl”

Heinz to screen 4 ads at once during Super Bowl

Today, Pittsburgh- and Chicago-based brand Heinz confirmed they will bring to life four ads at once for the big game. Whaaaaat? With so much happening in just thirty seconds, Heinz guarantees fans will want to watch the ad multiple times to spot all the ‘goodness’ packed into one spot. The brand, and agency Wieden+Kennedy, isn’t revealing all … Continue reading “Heinz to screen 4 ads at once during Super Bowl”

Kia releases Super Bowl teaser for 2021 Seltos SUV

Yesterday, we reported on Kia’s use of the Super Bowl to bring awareness and to youth homeless under the #GiveitEverything . Now, we have a new teaser to talk about for the upcoming big game from creative partner, David&Goliath. The spot, introducing, the all-new Kia 2021 Seltos SUV, features a strong and determined young boy, no more … Continue reading “Kia releases Super Bowl teaser for 2021 Seltos SUV”

Michael Bay helms Hard Rock’s first Super Bowl spot

Hard Rock International is celebrating another milestone in the brand’s almost 50-year history, with the announcement of the first ever brand commercial coinciding with the big game, being held at Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida. The hospitality and lifestyle brand will debut its first ever prime time advertisement during the upcoming big game broadcast on February … Continue reading “Michael Bay helms Hard Rock’s first Super Bowl spot”

Kia uses Super Bowl to fight youth homelessness

While millions of us will be snacking away on chips and guac, guzzling beer and eating pigs in blankets during this year’s Super Bowl, there will be another group who could care less about the Big Game. That would be the more than 4.2 million young people experiencing homelessness in America. Kia Motors of America … Continue reading “Kia uses Super Bowl to fight youth homelessness”

Ringwald puts best fruit forward in Super Bowl teaser

Instead of pretty in pink, Golden Globe-nominated actress, Molly Ringwald, is going to be alluring in avocado. For the second year running, Avocados From Mexico’s big game campaign was developed with creative agency partner Energy BBDO. Avocados From Mexico (AFM) today announced in their first teaser, titled “Tiara,” that they’ve partnered with Ringwald for their … Continue reading “Ringwald puts best fruit forward in Super Bowl teaser”

Snickers teases “out-of- sortsness” for Super Bowl

We are less than two weeks away from the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl broadcast on FOX. Of course these will not be the only two teams fighting it out for a championship. Brands are paying $5.6 million per 30 seconds to win the hearts of … Continue reading “Snickers teases “out-of- sortsness” for Super Bowl”

It’s “Hammer Time” for Cheetos Super Bowl teaser

Rather than show audiences the entire spot, brands are now beginning to create Super Bowl teasers for the big game. This new one for Cheetos Popcorn from Goodby Silverstein & Partners  is popping back into the Super Bowl with a 30-year-old smash song from OG rapper MC Hammer. Cheetos’ new ready-to-eat Popcorn brings the legendary taste of … Continue reading “It’s “Hammer Time” for Cheetos Super Bowl teaser”