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Reel 360 News is a national outlet that covers industry news in advertising, film, TV, streaming, social media, digital, production and entertainment. Not only do our writers cover these industries, they also play an active role in these industries. Reel 360 News has advertising people covering advertising. Production people covering production. People actively involved in the film and TV industries covering these areas as well. We believe that is the best way to really understand what is happening today. Reel 360 News content is original, authoritative, written by industry experts, exclusive to our readers and relevant to your business wherever you may be located.. There’s something new and interesting every day in the worlds of advertising, TV, film, production and more. Don’t miss a breaking story. Sign up for our elerts by clicking Subscribe on our menu bar. The Reel 360 News audience includes: Agencies: Ad Agency Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors, Heads of Production/Integrated Production & Producers, Digital Producers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Social Content Creators and Influencers, The One Club, Cannes Brands: Brand managers, production & marketing execs Movie studios: TV/Cable/Online networks: Development Executives, Showrunners, Producers, Senior Writers, Guilds: WGA East and West, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, Cinematographers, Teamsters Independent Filmmakers, Actors, Actresses, Casting Directors Production, Post, Editing, VFX, Animation, Music & Sound companies: AICP, Owners, Managing Directors, Exec Producers, Producers, Showrunners, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Colorists, Grips, Visual Effects Supervisors /artists, Animation artists, Production Designers, Composers, Sound Designers, Reps, Audio Mixers, etc Comic Book: Superhero fans, Creators, Influencers Public Relations: Executives If you have breaking news, a news tip, press release that would be appropriate for Reel 360 News or for our sister outlet, email us: and