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Since 2017, Reel 360 News has had an ongoing mission to keep our readers informed on national news and trends in advertising, advertising, film, TV, streaming, digital, social, politics, production, post-production, gaming, superhero news, cosplay and celebrities.

A brainchild of owner/publisher Barbara Roche, Reel 360 News began small with big ideas.  The goal was simple – we wanted to cover advertising and film nationally. It started with a ‘Reel LA’ column in our sister publication and grew into Reel 360 News, a national publication, covering Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and more.

We want our readers to feel when they read a story in Reel 360 News, it’s like having a conversation with friends at work. So, you’ll find our reporting styles range from the very business-like (when necessary) to casual and flip when we can.

Our drive is to deliver news in an every-man conversational approach. We’re not afraid to give our opinions and we’re definitely not afraid to tell the tough story when called upon.

As we grow, Reel 360 is quickly becoming the trusted source for news, information, industry trends, new campaigns, and the people behind the scenes in advertising, film, TV, music, digital, social and entertainment.  In the last year, we have experienced 250% growth. Yes, you read that correctly.

Our audience includes:

  • Agencies: Ad Agency Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors, Heads of Production/Integrated Production & Producers, Digital Producers, Copywriters, Art Directors, Social Content Creators and Influencers, The One Club, Cannes
  • Brands: Brand managers, production & marketing execs
  • Movie studios: TV/Cable/Online networks: Development Executives, Showrunners, Producers, Senior Writers,
  • Guilds: WGA East and West, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, Cinematographers, Teamsters
  • Independent Filmmakers, Actors, Actresses, Casting Directors
  • Production, Post, Editing, VFX, Animation, Music & Sound companies: AICP, Owners, Managing Directors, Exec Producers, Producers, Showrunners, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Colorists, Grips, Visual Effects Supervisors /artists, Animation artists, Production Designers, Composers, Sound Designers, Reps, Audio Mixers, etc
  • Comic Book: Superhero fans, Creators, Influencers
  • Public Relations: Executives

Some of the 25+ countries reading Reel 360:

United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, India, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Thailand, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Argentina, Finland, Egypt, Jamaica, Israel, Chile, Pakistan

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