DraftKings bets on Kevin Hart for Super Bowl


During the first quarter of Super Bowl LVII, DraftKings will be airing a national 30-second commercial featuring actor and comedian Kevin Hart (Ride Along, Jumaji). DraftKings follows the current trend of Super Bowl spots using big-name celebrities, light-hearted jokes and high-profile musical appearances.

In the spot, Hart is hosting a Big Game house party with some of the biggest names across sports including Julius Erving “Dr. J,” Tony Hawk, David Ortiz, Ludacris, Lisa Leslie, The Undertaker and entertainment, as well as showcasing a DraftKings Sportsbook offer that eligible fans can enjoy! But he isn’t sure how he will bet on the game.

Hart begins to ask his guests in a series of plays on names to determine his wager. For instance, e hsays his pals Smith and David “Big Papi” Ortiz are “both ludicrous” before Ludacris appears. Luda then whispers that Kevin is “taking the under” before former WWF/WWE wrestler The Undertaker appears.

Hart then says he’s watching everyone “like a Hawk” before the commercial pans to Tony Hawk trying to get past security. Watch the fun below:


DraftKings’ internal team came up with the creative and worked with Hartbeat, Hart’s production company, to produce the spot. Max Gutierrez directed the commercial, with music and sound from HiFi Project.

This year’s big game marks DraftKings’ third consecutive year airing an in-game Super Bowl commercial. The price of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial this year is a whopping $7 million. Jesus.

To offset costs, the sportsbook partnered with Molson Coors for the alcoholic beverage company’s Super Bowl promo. The beer is also encouraging its followers to try and predict the company’s Super Bowl commercial through a free-to-play promo via DraftKings.

The Super Bowl, featuring The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The Kansas City Chiefs, will kick off Sunday, February 12 at 6:30 EST/5:30 CST/3:30 PST.


AGENCY: DraftKings In-house

  • Stephanie Sherman – CMO
  • Joshua Levin-Sherz – VP, Channel Marketing
  • Ethan Shibutani – Director, Growth Marketing
  • Michael Shonkoff – VP, Agency and Brand
  • Steve Baker – Senior Creative Director
  • Matt Zaifert – Associate Creative Director
  • Dan Winske – Lead Art Director
  • Sam johnson – Sr Art Director
  • Todd Buckholt – Sr Copywriter
  • Kelsea Ashworth – Sr Designer
  • Derek Kunze – Motion Graphics Designer
  • Mary Hanifin – Executive Producer
  • Jake Williams – Senior Producer
  • Liza Near –  Business Affairs
  • Andrew Schiel – Senior Manager, Brand
  • Katie Stepansky –  Brand Manager
  • Sarah Juselius – Sr Director, Creative Ops
  • Brittany Allen – Sr Manager, Program Management, Creative Ops
  • Carly O’Hare – Sr Project Manager, Creative Ops
  • Justin Segal – Consumer Product Marketing Manager
  • Rachel Goldman – Senior Manager, Business Development
  • Billy Austin – Senior Associate, Business Development
  • Cory Wentworth – Senior Associate, Talent & Influencer Partnerships
  • Stephen Miraglia – Senior Director, Communications


  • Max Gutierrez – Director 
  • Brian Price – SVP, Head of Branded Content & Creative Strategy
  • Tina Maher – VP, Integrated Marketing & Brand Strategy
  • Ty Walker – SVP + Head of Production
  • Michael Rodriguez – Branded Content Producer
  • Brittani Warrick – Director, Social Media
  • Ramukai Jalloh – Sr Manager, Social Media
  • Peter Sanchez – Line Producer


  • Editor: JJ Lask
  • Assistant Editor: Christian Frahme
  • Producer: Ingrid Nunn
  • Executive Producer: Zeke Bowman
  • Managing Partner: Zarina Mak
  • Flame Artist: Stephanie Isaacson
  • Finishing Producer: Yoko Lytle

AUDIO: Hifi Project

  • Engineer: Jesse Marks
  • CEO/Executive Producer: Jack Bradley
  • Producer: Jack Kaplan

COLOR: Company 3

Colorist: Tim Masick

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