Burger King airdrops Whoppers to Smartphones

It’s reigning Whopper sandwiches — 1/4 lb of flame-grilled beef delivered straight to your smartphone. The Whopper is known for going big, and its birthday celebrations are no different. Last year, BK offered the Whopper for its original price of 37 cents and now, the brand will airdrop 65,000 codes for free Whopper sandwiches in … Continue reading “Burger King airdrops Whoppers to Smartphones”

Burger King introduces Impossible Chick’n Sandwich

For years, guests have loved the famous taste of the Original Chicken Sandwich (OCS) at Burger King. Now, starting August 22, BK guests in Cincinnati, Ohio, can get their hands on the first-ever plant-based version of the classic – introducing the Impossible Original Chick’n Sandwich.   This latest innovation is available for a limited time only and comes after … Continue reading “Burger King introduces Impossible Chick’n Sandwich”

Cannes Lions: DDB, FCB, Dentsu, Burger King win

In the final Awards Show of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the following Lions were presented live on stage: Film Lions, Glass: The Lion for Change, Sustainable Development Goals Lions, Titanium Lions. Special awards were also announced. Simon Cook, CEO, LIONS commented: “Cannes Lions is a global platform, and it’s been an incredible week, as … Continue reading “Cannes Lions: DDB, FCB, Dentsu, Burger King win”

Oh Cluck! Burger King to test New Impossible Nuggets

You come to Burger King to have it your way – whether that’s the iconic flame-grilled Whopper, the hand-breaded Ch’King sandwich, or one of the exciting new innovations on our menu like the Impossible  Nuggets made from plants. Burger King will be the first global quick-service restaurant brand to test the plant-based nuggets from Impossible … Continue reading “Oh Cluck! Burger King to test New Impossible Nuggets”

Burger King teams with Nelly, Anitta and LilHuddy to celebrate real food

According to Burger King, guests want tasty, juicy, hand-breaded, flame-grilled food on the daily, and the brand is committed to delivering on the promise of real food – which is why the QSR has announced the permanent ban of 120 artificial ingredients and counting from our food menu nationwide. “We firmly believe that real food … Continue reading “Burger King teams with Nelly, Anitta and LilHuddy to celebrate real food”

Burger King expands Royal Perks Loyalty Program

When Burger King started testing Royal Perks at the beginning of the year, the brand had one goal – re-think typical loyalty programs by rooting its rewards in what guests truly want. And, BK did just that. Now, Burger King is scaling up the program to make it more accessible for guests nationwide to earn and redeem … Continue reading “Burger King expands Royal Perks Loyalty Program”

Burger King investigating anti-vax sign in Michigan

And here the Reel 360 Team thought Burger King‘s tagline was, “Your Way, Way Better.” But in Jackson, Michigan a Burger King has reportedly traded in its trademarked tagline for an anti-vaccination message. The company is reportedly investigating a local franchise that created a message underneath the BK sign encouraging passersby to honk if they … Continue reading “Burger King investigating anti-vax sign in Michigan”

Burger King: Ingredients fight in new campaign

Ohmigod, this is a helluva spot. Clearly inspired by everything Tarantino, this new Burger King campaign, directed by LANDIA’s Robert Llauró and Agustín Alberdi, visualizes a surreal take on the brand’s preservative-free Whoppers. Entitled “The Naturals vs. The Artificials,” we see the Naturals beating the crap out of The Artificials inside a Burger King. The narrative, … Continue reading “Burger King: Ingredients fight in new campaign”

Burger King gets flamed for women in kitchen tweet

Update: Since this article was published, Burger King U.K. has apologized for and deleted its International Women’s Day tweet. Well, one can always say Burger King U.K.’s heart was in the right place. The fast food giant is currently getting flame broiled on Twitter due to a tweet and full-page New York Times ad it made in … Continue reading “Burger King gets flamed for women in kitchen tweet”

Burger King tests new loyalty program, Royal Perks

Burger King is now testing a new rewards program in Los Angeles, Miami, Long Island, New Jersey and New York City. Royal Perks is just one more step on the brand’s digital journey that makes every dollar count with the ability to earn 10 crowns for every $1 spent. “For years, BK has been hard at … Continue reading “Burger King tests new loyalty program, Royal Perks”

Burger King completes visual rebrand of logo and more

Since 1954, Burger King has encouraged its guests to Have it Your Way and confidently celebrate self-expression. Today, the brand is making a leap forward by introducing a completely new visual design that will be present throughout all touch-points of the guest experience.  Inspired by real and delicious food, the more modern look marks the first complete rebrand in over 20 … Continue reading “Burger King completes visual rebrand of logo and more”

Check your Venmo – Burger King is making it rain

Ebenezer Scrooge clearly not running Burger King. The Miami-based fast food giant has announced a new way to save in 2021 with the $1 Your Way menu starting December 28. The $1 Your Way Menu features the Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Jr., Value fries and Value soft drink. Each featured item for $1. To launch the … Continue reading “Check your Venmo – Burger King is making it rain”

Burger King gets real with its Whopper

Today, Burger King restaurants are proud to announce the Whopper sandwich now features no colors, no flavors and no preservatives from artificial sources in all markets across the United States. It’s the Whopper and nothing but the Whopper. The milestone is one of various efforts and substantial changes BK has made to its menu to promote … Continue reading “Burger King gets real with its Whopper”

Under the bun: A look at Burger King late night

I mean, honestly this :49-second spot from David São Paulo for Burger King feels like any day part in Hollywood – especially the BK down the street from the Reel 360 office. That said, the latest work for Burger King is hilarious. The effort celebrates 70% off the chain’s late night delivery service by showcasing … Continue reading “Under the bun: A look at Burger King late night”

Burger King rewards students w/FREE Whopper

According to UNESCO, 9 out of 10 students are out of school worldwide because of COVID-19. Burger King wants to reward students who are continuing to study hard through the worldwide pandemic. Beginning today, Burger King, working with creative partner Buzzman, is offering all students a FREE Whopper sandwich with any purchase on the BK App*. The catch? … Continue reading “Burger King rewards students w/FREE Whopper”

Burger King asks “Couch Po-ta-triots” to stay home

Burger King and FCB have taken a pretty dope spin on the iconic tagline, “Home of the Whopper” and launched “Stay Home of the Whopper.” The campaign serves as a call to arms for BK “Couch Po-ta-triots” to stay at home to help flatten the spread of Covid-19 while highlighting the restaurant’s support for healthcare … Continue reading “Burger King asks “Couch Po-ta-triots” to stay home”

Moldy Burger King Whopper turns heads and stomachs

Blecch. To showcase that a Burger King Whopper comes with no preservatives, agencies Publicis, Ingo and DAVID, MIAMI have cooked up ‘The Moldy Whopper.’ We ain’t looking at crisp green lettuce here, folks. More like wilted green burger. To the tune of Aretha Franklin’s, “What a Difference a Day Makes,” an unseen food artist is … Continue reading “Moldy Burger King Whopper turns heads and stomachs”

Burger King offers jobs to Royal Couple

The big news this weekend out of the UK is of course the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – renouncing their royal duties and stepping away from their royal duties from Buckingham Palace. Now, that they have announced they will try and pay their own bills, Burger King has … Continue reading “Burger King offers jobs to Royal Couple”

Burger King becomes ‘BOOOger King’ w/ ghost taste test

Just in time for Halloween, Burger King has decided to venture into the spirit world. The Miami-based QSR brand even went as far as to enlist famed medium and trance-channeler, Riz Mirza, to help bring attention to the Ghost Whopper. Sitting with a group of three at a table at the haunted Alexandria Hotel, Mirza … Continue reading “Burger King becomes ‘BOOOger King’ w/ ghost taste test”

Burger King, McCann take top honors at 2019 Clios

Singing vaginas. Whopper detours. McCann, New York. Barbie. Answer is – what won last night at the 2019 Clio Awards? Burger King’s smart as hell “Whopper Detour,” from FCB New York won the Grand Clio in two categories, Digital/Mobile and Direct. Andy Cohen hosted the event at The Manhattan Center in New York City. The … Continue reading “Burger King, McCann take top honors at 2019 Clios”