Moldy Burger King Whopper turns heads and stomachs

Blecch. To showcase that a Burger King Whopper comes with no preservatives, agencies Publicis, Ingo and DAVID, MIAMI have cooked up ‘The Moldy Whopper.’ We ain’t looking at crisp green lettuce here, folks. More like wilted green burger.

To the tune of Aretha Franklin’s, “What a Difference a Day Makes,” an unseen food artist is seen putting together a Whopper. The sandwich looks tasty, with ingredients piled to perfection. Then we wait. The speeded-up action shows the burger deteriorating before our eyes over the course of 30 seconds.

First the lettuce wilts, then white, fuzzy mold takes over the meat patty, then turns green. The burger flattens out as the mold takes over as we find out that the action took place over 34 days. It ends with the text “The beauty of no artificial preservatives.”

In still images, up-close pictures of the mold are accompanied by the number of days that have passed since the sandwich was prepared, utilizing the tag line from the TVC. Watch and vomit below:

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According to BK, the rotting burger is part of a global effort for the fast food purveyor has set forth to remove artificial preservatives from the Whopper and more of its food products. The brand stated that it has achieved a milestone by removing artificial preservatives from the Whopper sandwich, in most European countries and select markets in the United States.

It’s powerful imagery for sure. But Jesus, it’s just nasty.

Burger King’s agency partners: Publicis, Ingo and David Miami collaborated to deliver the campaign.


Agency: INGO

  • Executive Creative Director: Björn Ståhl
  • Art Director: Max Hultberg
  • Copywriter: Magnus Ivansson
  • Planner: Simon Stefansson
  • Account Director: Rickard Allstrin
  • Account Manager: Mia Melani
  • Final Art: Åsa Eklund, Alexander Lundvall
  • Tech Director: Stefan Kindgren


  • Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis
  • Group Creative Directors: Fernando Pellizaro, Jean Zamprogno
  • Senior Art Director: Camilo Jimenez
  • Art Director: Sergio Takahata
  • Group Account Director: Stefane Rosa
  • Executive Producer: Carlos Torres

Agency: Publicis

  • GLOBAL CCO: Bruno Bertelli
  • CCO: Eduardo Marques, Jorg Riommi
  • ECD: Pablo Dachefsky
  • Art Director: Ivan Montebello
  • Copywriter: Pablo Murube
  • CLIENT: Burger King


  • Photographer: Pål Allan
  • Food stylist: Anna Lindblad
  • Photo assistant: Erik Ögnelooh
  • DOP: Viktor Kumlin
  • Graffer: Kalle Dahlberg

COLONY (Production company)

  • Art buyer / Producer: Jenny Steggo
  • Producer and director: Markus Ahlm
  • Producer: Lena von der Burg
  • Online: Erik Lindahl / Colony

Sound: Quint Starkie

COLOR Grade: Jean-Claude Soret, MPC London


  • “What A Difference A Day Makes” by Aretha Franklin
  • MOKOH Music Berlin
  • Music Supervisor & Intro Composer: Maria Moritz, Stephan Moritz
  • Mayflower
  • Danny Simon – Music, Director
  • Ryan Schinman – Co-Founder