Burger King offers jobs to Royal Couple

The big news this weekend out of the UK is of course the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – renouncing their royal duties and stepping away from their royal duties from Buckingham Palace. Now, that they have announced they will try and pay their own bills, Burger King has stepped up and offered Harry and Meghan jobs. With crowns.

Burger King Argentina and agency HOY have offered the couple positions within the ranks of the QSR. We are assuming it does not mean starting as crew. Although who wouldn’t want to see Harry getting that Whopper ready on the griddle then handing it off to Meghan?

A letter addressing the Duke and Duchess was printed in Clarin, one of the main newspapers of Argentina. Ending with a code to scan to become a Burger King employee, it reads:

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As of now, there has been no official word from the royals whether they will accept the fast food jobs. But again, Reel 360 will pay good money to see Meghan working the fry basket.

SOURCE: The Drum


CLIENT: Burger King Argentina


  • Managing Director: Pedro Di Risio, Ernest Riba
  • ECD: Nicolás Zarlenga, Federico Plaza Montero.
  • Head of Art: Fernando Oltolina.
  • Creative Team: Bárbara Gedacht, Cristián Tarzi.
  • Account Manager: Lucila Castellani.
  • Media Manager: Agustina Militerno
  • Media Director: Florencia Igartúa
  • Account Executive: María Belén de Bártolo.
  • Responsible for the client: Martín González, Nerina Baldassarre.

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