McDonald’s celebrates the Rabbit for Lunar New Year

Working with Los Angeles-based IW Group, The Golden Arches is hopping into the Year of the Rabbit by partnering with award-winning, viral digital content creator Karen X Cheng to launch an interactive Lunar New Year campaign. The campaign ensures that the brand meets fans where they are – in culture, technology and even the metaverse. … Continue reading “McDonald’s celebrates the Rabbit for Lunar New Year”

McDonald’s helps us escape inflation by going back in time

Inflation is continuously causing prices to rise. Luckily, there is a place in Sweden where good old McDonald’s deals are immortalized – Google Street View. Can you say, “Better than Doc Brown’s DeLorean?” A recent update to the navigation tool allows for users to revisit geo-locations throughout history, and old McDonald’s out-of-home advertisements, dating as … Continue reading “McDonald’s helps us escape inflation by going back in time”

McDonald’s hosts career summit for APA students

The Asian Pacific American community is vast, with multiple ethnicities, languages and identities that are often lumped together causing many Asian subsegments to be overlooked, particularly students when it comes to representation and financial aid. To address the evolving needs of APA youth, McDonald’s USA is teaming up with top APA media company NextShark and … Continue reading “McDonald’s hosts career summit for APA students”

McDonald’s celebrates Diwali like never before

McDonald’s is teaming up with Indian-American fashion designer and McDonald’s superfan Megha Rao to celebrate Diwali like never before. Diwali is known as the festival of lights, representing the symbolic victory of light over darkness. Families and friends all over the world celebrate by making rangolis or kolam, offering prayers, lighting diyas and participating in other rituals. … Continue reading “McDonald’s celebrates Diwali like never before”

Russia unveils its version of McDonald’s

Russia has a new fast food, McDonald’s-ish restaurant. The new restaurant has unveiled its logo – a graphic burger and fries in the shape of an “M.” In May, McDonald’s, along with other brands,  announced plans to either leave or suspend business in Russia as a sign of solidarity with the Ukraine over Putin’s baseless … Continue reading “Russia unveils its version of McDonald’s”

Communal dining is back and McDonald’s has a tray for it – a really big tray

You’re going to need a bigger tray. Now that communal dining is back, QSR giant, McDonald’s is putting a lot less ‘me’ and a little more ‘we’ into its iconic tray with the help of TBWA\Belgium. Throwing practicality to the wayside, and celebrating the fact that eating inside is a little safer again, McDonald’s Belgium … Continue reading “Communal dining is back and McDonald’s has a tray for it – a really big tray”

McDonald’s, Leo Burnett surprise UK audience with free McFlurries

Fans of McDonald’s got their hands on a free McFlurry via a walk-thru billboard in the latest activation to support its new brand platform, ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ McFlurry fans that pass by the Builder’s Yard, just under Hungerford Bridge, on London’s South Bank were able to get their free McFlurry from a ‘walk-thru’ hatch on … Continue reading “McDonald’s, Leo Burnett surprise UK audience with free McFlurries”

McDonald’s Canada encourages vacationers to take a break

At the start of the busiest period of the summer holiday season, Montreal-based Cossette and McDonald’s Canada seized the opportunity to invite vacationers taking road trips across the country to take a well-deserved break and satisfy their cravings on the way to their destination. The campaign features Adirondack chairs in the colors of iconic McDonald’s menu items, … Continue reading “McDonald’s Canada encourages vacationers to take a break”

Juneteenth: McDonald’s announces Gospelfest lineup

The 38th Annual New York Metro McDonald’s Gospelfest will present a virtual concert and showcase free to the public. The event will air on Juneteenth June 19, 2021, on My9 and continues on Fox’s website. The full-hour show will also be available on Fox Soul streaming network. “As fans and viewers prepare for the mega virtual … Continue reading “Juneteenth: McDonald’s announces Gospelfest lineup”

Byron Allen files $10B lawsuit against McDonald’s

Nothing funny about this. Media mogul and former stand-up comic and Comics Unleashed host, Byron Allen, is suing McDonald’s Corp for discrimination against Black-owned businesses. This on the same day that McDonald’s announced it would increase spending with diverse-owned Media, Content and Production Partners. Allen’s suit alleges the fast food giant has refused to advertise … Continue reading “Byron Allen files $10B lawsuit against McDonald’s”

NHL players’ wear McDonald’s menu items

There’s an age-old joke about men wearing food in their beards. Now, Quebec-based Cossette and McDonald’s Canada are taking that idea to a whole new round for The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. The fast food giant has leaned into the superstitious practice of NHL players sporting beards on the road to Lord Stanley’s Cup and … Continue reading “NHL players’ wear McDonald’s menu items”

Burnett, McDonald’s keep lights on for delivery

The striking new Leo Burnett campaign promotes McDonald’s McDelivery service through eye-catching OOH. Iconography has been a rising trend for well-known brands—tapping into the consumer’s strong with the brand’s typography and color. For the incredibly iconic McDonald’s, the power of the brand-free ad was demonstrated in last year’s “Iconic Stacks” campaign, where Leo Burnett London … Continue reading “Burnett, McDonald’s keep lights on for delivery”

New McDonald’s billboards have bite

There are a handful of brands that only require a logo to identify them. Target has its bullseye. Nike, its swoosh. Apple, well an apple. And of course McDonald’s has its golden arches and food. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know what a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Fries look like? … Continue reading “New McDonald’s billboards have bite”

BK and McDonald’s kiss and make up in new Pride ad

I was recently told that, “sometimes love isn’t enough.” But maybe love can conquer all… at least when it comes to the Burger Wars. During Helsinki Pride, perennial number two Burger King declared their love for McDonald’s with a new painting ‘Love conquers all.’ The mural features The Burger King kissing the iconic Ronald McDonald. … Continue reading “BK and McDonald’s kiss and make up in new Pride ad”

McDonald’s spices up classic Chicken McNuggets

We know spice is in the eye of the beholder…or in this case, the taste buds. One person’s taste-bud-singeing swelter is another’s “you call that spicy?” McDonald’s has announced a pair of menu innovations arriving to U.S. restaurants this fall to please their spice-seeking customers: Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Mighty Hot Sauce. Breaded with a sizzling tempura … Continue reading “McDonald’s spices up classic Chicken McNuggets”

UPDATED: McDonald’s makes splash with recycled straws

McDonald’s Austria is replacing plastic straws with recyclable paper ones as part of the fast food giant’s global packaging and recycling strategy to reduce the use of packaging, switch to more sustainable materials and help its customers recycle.   But what about the old plastic ones? The arches are giving some of those O.G. red-and-yellow striped plastic straws a second life as swimwear – and just in time for … Continue reading “UPDATED: McDonald’s makes splash with recycled straws”

McDonald’s tribute to those killed by police brutality

Just two days after #BlackOutTuesday, McDonald’s has released a powerful :60-second ad created by AOR Wieden + Kennedy New York that directly pays tribute to seven Black Americans killed by police or shot to death while unarmed: Trayvon Martin, Michael BroI Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. McDonald’s … Continue reading “McDonald’s tribute to those killed by police brutality”

McDonald’s China appoints Publicis for Media Planning

McDonald’s China has appointed Publicis Groupe as its media planning agency partner in Mainland China. The scope of work will be handled by a Power of One dedicated client solution and includes strategic planning across all media channels as well as digital expertise to support on McDonald’s customer data platform development and application in media … Continue reading “McDonald’s China appoints Publicis for Media Planning”

McDonald’s spot from Pulse brings 16 DPs together

Pulse Director Ryan Booth knows his DP’s apparently. This spot for McDonald’s, which celebrates the fast food giant’s support for essential workers battling coronavirus COVID-19 on the front lines, was directed by Booth and created by collaborating remotely with 16 DPs across the USA. Called “Lights On,” the spot supports the brand’s two-week push to … Continue reading “McDonald’s spot from Pulse brings 16 DPs together”

McDonald’s responds to social distancing

We’re living in scary and crazy times. And while we have all been asked to social distance from each other due to the global crisis at hand, brands are beginning to do their part. McDonald’s Brazil is supporting the idea of social distancing by separating its Golden Arches into two separate arches. Agency DPZ&T teamed … Continue reading “McDonald’s responds to social distancing”