New McDonald’s billboards have bite

There are a handful of brands that only require a logo to identify them. Target has its bullseye. Nike, its swoosh. Apple, well an apple. And of course McDonald’s has its golden arches and food. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know what a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Fries look like?

TBWA\Paris has used this knowledge as food for thought by leveraging the recognition of the brand’s food in a new ooh campaign. The mouthwatering images, instantly identifiable as McDonald’s products, have been placed in areas around Paris with giant, bite-shaped chunks taken out of the edges.

Big Macs fries and cheeseburgers all with enormous missing chunks, demonstrating the irresistibility of McDonald’s food. Take a look below:

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The campaign is a continuation of the brand’s global iconic campaign strategy, which first launched in 2013 with a series of logo free close up product shots, and was followed by a a campaign that turned its most popular menu items into digital icons, minus any branding.

The Reel 360 team is now very hungry.


CLIENT: McDonald’s


  • Advertiser managers: Xavier Royaux, Anne Lainé, Clémence Arnaud, Clémentine Teissedre Dalou  
  • Agency managers: Marc Fraissinet, Margaux Wanin, Laura Poirier 
  • Exectutive creative directors : Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie 
  • Art directors: Valentine Foulonneau and Paul Reyrolle  
  • Production: TBWA\Else 
  • CEO: Maxime Boiron 
  • Director of production: Teva François  
  • Chef Op: Noémie Gillot 
  • Producer: Michael Benzakoun 
  • TV producer: Kenza Cheriti 
  • Art buyers:  Carine Gallufo and Fériel Simon 
  • Designer: Eddy Penot 
  • Photographer / director:  Aurélien Chavaud @FMA le bureau 
  • Photographer’s agent: Prune Pariente @FMA le bureau 
  • 1st photographer assistant: Grégoire Brigand 
  • Lighting assistant:  Clément Brandely 
  • Digital operation:  Hugo Lubin 
  • Editing: The Abc 

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SOURCE: Adweek