McDonald’s Canada encourages vacationers to take a break

(New summer campaign from Cossette)

At the start of the busiest period of the summer holiday season, Montreal-based Cossette and McDonald’s Canada seized the opportunity to invite vacationers taking road trips across the country to take a well-deserved break and satisfy their cravings on the way to their destination.

The campaign features Adirondack chairs in the colors of iconic McDonald’s menu items, sitting in the middle of some of Canada’s most exquisite landscapes. 


“Summer’s here and many of us will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery our country has to offer. This campaign is our way of highlighting our national presence and reminding Canadians that they can count on us to be there on the road to their vacation destination,” said Melissa Hains, Quebec marketing manager at McDonald’s Canada.


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“The creative approach to this campaign was a mix of simplicity and ingenuity. The portraits of the chairs turned to face their breathtaking surroundings suggest that they too are taking time to soak in the spectacle of nature,” added Cédric Audet, creative director at Cossette.

The campaign rolled out in newspapers, on signage, and online over the summer.