NHL players’ wear McDonald’s menu items

(Canadian NHL players sport new look for playoffs)

There’s an age-old joke about men wearing food in their beards. Now, Quebec-based Cossette and McDonald’s Canada are taking that idea to a whole new round for The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The fast food giant has leaned into the superstitious practice of NHL players sporting beards on the road to Lord Stanley’s Cup and have tweaked the tradition, which has existed since the 1980’s, a bit.

To kick-off the first-round series between the four NHL Canadians teams, McDonald’s has played with tradition to position itself as the restaurant for those who don’t want to miss a minute of the action.

Much like a real team, where the identity of the group is based on the character of each one, each NHLplayer has their own personality tied to a classic menu item. A campaign designed to go far in the playoffs. 

The campaign will launch on Thursday in Montreal, during the first game of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, two of the most well-known franchises in hockey. It’s the first time that the two rivals face each other since 1979, which is a big deal in Canada.

NHL Players' Iconic Beards Are Transformed into McDonald's Menu Items

NHL Players' Iconic Beards Are Transformed into McDonald's Menu Items

The campaign, created by Cossette, will go live in OOH, print, social media and mobile devices.


CLIENT: McDonald’s Canada

  • Melissa Hains
  • Suzanne Grondin


  • CREATIVE : Cédric Audet, Julien Hérisson, Philippe Brassard
  • STRATEGY : Jean-Xavier Wilhelmy
  • PRODUCT : Vanessa Audigand, Jessica Malo
  • ILLUSTRATIONS : Edgar Rozo