Communal dining is back and McDonald’s has a tray for it – a really big tray

(McDonald’s has a new tray)

You’re going to need a bigger tray. Now that communal dining is back, QSR giant, McDonald’s is putting a lot less ‘me’ and a little more ‘we’ into its iconic tray with the help of TBWA\Belgium.

Throwing practicality to the wayside, and celebrating the fact that eating inside is a little safer again, McDonald’s Belgium teamed up with creative partner TBWA to create a 10-foot long tray designed for communal dining.

And it is a looooooong tray. Watch below:

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Appropriately named ‘the very very very very… very long tray’, it gives those longing for a Big Mac after the dark days of lockdown the perfect excuse for a fast-food get-together.