REEL 360 top 20 commercials of 2018


There was a lot the REEL 360 team liked in 2018 in the year of :30-seconds, :60-seconds, :90-seconds and even, :06-seconds.

From online videos to Super Bowl spots to awards shows, we watched a countless array of spots that were amazing, funny AF, thought-provoking and powerful.

And there was the strange – looking at you Donny Osmond and L’il Yachty for Chefboyardee.

Of course there were the lame ones as well.

But we are not here to discuss the forgettable, but the unforgettable of 2018. These are the top 20 broadcast/online spots that got us talking. Please note, we would have included Skittles from DDB Chicago, but like everyone else in the world, we never saw the spot.:


20. KEVIN! is back in a ‘Home Alone’ update from Google

19. Ode to Elton John in new Christmas ad for John Lewis

18. Enjoy Elton John and Boogie in a new Snickers Ad

17. Lexus, Black Panther team up for Super Bowl LII

16. Watch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler drive a Kia in reverse

15. Pearle Vision uses Billie Jean King to inspire

14. It’s a big sexy world for Trojan Man

13. The Colonel feels the power of love in this Ad of the Week

12. Santa sees red and decides to slim down for Audi

11. FCB goes into epic battle with Cox Communications

10. Kids sell cars in Kia Motors Summer Sales campaign

9. Allstate Foundation PSA features Serena Williams

8. Guns in school sketches explore the absurdity of it all

7. Lil Jon drinks the Kool Aid

6. The new iPhone XS gives users the big picture

5. Hayley Atwell Leads Women’s Aid campaign from RSA

4. It’s a Chef Boyardee “par-dee” with Donny Osmond & L’il Yachty

3. Good Odds – Toyota

2. Colin Kaepernick in first ‘Just Do It’ Commercial for Nike

1. It’s a Tide Ad

REEL 360 looks forward to what amazing work the agencies around the country (as well as the world) will bring. Happy New Year! See you on the other side!