It’s a big sexy world for Trojan Man


I still giggle like a 15-year-old boy when I hear the word, “Trojan.” I also still freeze up and turn red from embarrassment when I buy a pack of condoms, expecting the older female Korean cashier ringing me up to lower her glasses and look at me judgingly.

Well, hurrah for Trojan Brand Condoms! In the brand’s new campaign from 72andSunny New York, we are inspired to explore with confidence, this modern day. The brand asks us to sex-positive adventurers.

And who is our guide through all of this? Of course it’s Trojan Man. The iconic afro’d character is now our ultimate guide to this “Big Sexy World.”

Through a series of new broadcast films directed by Eric Wareheim, digital content and other assets, young people in all different stages of relationships, connections and self-discovery visit Trojan Man™ with questions about their sexual journey. Each spot ends with the tagline, “Explore with Confidence.” Take a look at the :30 second spot where Trojan Man drops some relationship science from a bathtub below:

In the video titled “Sandwich,” Trojan Man™ uses a peanut butter sandwich as a metaphor for sexual ambiguity. “Sex is the sandwich and you can put whatever you want on it, as long as you put one of these (condoms) on.”

“The modern world of sex and dating means there are a lot of new questions out there that need to be answered,” said Justine Armour, Executive Creative Director, 72andSunny New York adding, “In this Big Sexy World Trojan Man™makes it clear and accepting that no matter what you’re into, there’s never been a more exciting time to explore.”

“Since his introduction over twenty years ago, Trojan Man became famous as this disembodied, gloved hand who showed up with the goods when you really needed him,” said Trojan Vice President of Marketing, Bruce Weiss.

Weiss added, “This led us to ask, who is the man beyond the sleeve? Turns out he’s a sex-positive, sensual adventurer. A modern guy who is open to anything, but always has an eye on protection.”

There are also a series of shareable, 6-second answers to questions concerning sexual exploration:

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The campaign is gloriously absurd and tongue in cheek. But they get the point across about making us more at ease with sex and of course using condoms. The comedy is magnificent and the Reel360 team loves the afro’d spokesperson. I now feel confident (okay, somewhat) to approach my Korean cashier with my pack of condoms!

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Client – Trojan Brand Condoms

Agency: 72andSunny New York
Directed by: Eric Wareheim of the comedy duo Tim & Eric

Source: 72andSunny New York

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