KEVIN! is back in a ‘Home Alone’ update from Google


He’s back ya filthy animals.

Macaulay Culkin was just ten when he became a household name as the star of the Chris Columbus classic, Home Alone. Now, 28 years later, after a mostly self-imposed exile, Culkin returns to the iconic role in a shot-for-shot remake for Google Assistant.

And it’s pretty great.

The spot, crafted by Richmond-based Arts & Letters, sees Macaulay as 38-year-old Kevin setting traps for the Wet Bandits (no Joe Pesci or Daniel Stern to be seen) – but this time he’s got a Google Home device to help, so he’s not quite alone as he was in the original 1990 film. Scenes reference his homemade meal,”Operation Kevin” and the famous aftershave moment.

“#heygoogle Have you ever wondered what Kevin McCallister is like as an adult? Me neither,” Culkin tweeted on Wednesday. “But just in case you’re curious you should totally watch this #ad.”

Watch the :60-second spot, which currently has two million views, directed by the LA-based production company Arts & Sciences Mike Warzin:

It was interesting going back and doing a lot of this stuff,” Culkin said in an interview in The Hollywood Reporter. “They did a really good job on the set decoration and the props. And all the shots were really spot-on.”

While Culkin is clearly the star, the other real star is production designer Clement Price-Thomas whose attention to detail when re-building the McAllister interior décor is really something. Watch the making of video below:

Home Alone is without doubt one of the REEL360 team’s holiday films to watch, so we were delighted by this update. Now go watch the real thing… ya filthy animals.