Pearle Vision uses Billie Jean King to inspire


The latest in the
“Small Moments” campaign
from Energy BBDO
breaks from
promotional-driven spots
in the vision category
to capture genuine moments

I got misty-eyed watching this new Pearle Vision spot from Energy BBDO.

Brought on board through Energy’s continued partnership with Free the Bid, director Elle Ginter of Sanctuary has delivered an elegant, touching and inspiring spot for Pearle Vision’s “Small Moments” campaign.

Eschewing the promotional-driven spots that landscape the vision category, the new 60-second spot, titled Olivia, focuses on the genuine relationships that Pearle Vision’s neighborhood doctors build with their patients.

Created by the all-female team of Creative Directors — Erika Wolfel Hillman and Michele Sloan Brandel, Account Lead, Tiffany Alexander, and Strategic Lead Shannon Mehner — it introduces viewers to nine-year-old Olivia.

Olivia — whose unique interests in tennis, archery and space travel are inspired by female historical icons — is having trouble seeing, and her mother realizes she had better get her vision examined.

After she visits her local Pearle Vision EyeCare Center and learns that she needs glasses, Olivia is disappointed until her Pearle Vision doctor finds a way to show her the power of women in glasses and how a pair of prescription glasses helped one in particular transcend into a cultural icon. Have a look:


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The relationship that the creative team has captured between Olivia and her doctor underscore the types of close relationships Pearle Vision’s neighborhood doctors have built with their patients, successfully supporting the brand’s long-lived tagline “Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.”

Case in point, when the Pearle Vision doctor presents Olivia with a photo of Billie Jean King to add to her bedside inspiration board it is the ultimate display of patient care, empowering Olivia to be who she wants to be.

That takes vision.

Apparently, the integration of Billie Jean King into this emotionally-charged work was intentional from the start.

In fact, Billie Jean told Reel Chicago, “I’m excited to be included in the new Pearle Vision campaign. When I was young I was told I could never be number one in the world because I wore glasses and that was one of the things that motivated me to become the best I could be. I applaud Pearle Vision for their message of encouragement, reinforcing that wearing glasses can help you achieve your dreams.”

Pearle Vision Vice President & CMO, Doug Zarkin, points out, “While popular culture often depicts women and girls with glasses as nerdy or uncool, this film is inspiration to embrace your eyewear as part of who you are, what makes you special and could even be a critical tool towards making your life’s vision a reality.”

The work continues to successfully leverage the insight that trust is built in small moments. This platform launched with last year’s award-winning, “Ben’s Glasses.” It now continues with “Olivia,” which launched online today and on TV August 6th.

Although I highly recommend this empowering spot, I can only watch once a day. I don’t have enough tissues. Very cute, Energy. Very Cute and a Reel Ad of the Week.

Client: Pearle Vision
   Chief Marketing Officer: Doug Zarkin

Agency: Energy BBDO
   Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez
   Executive Creative Director: Josh Gross & Pedro Pérez
   Creative Directors: Erika Wolfel Hillman & Michele Sloan Brandel
   Head of Integrated Production: John Pratt
   Senior Producer: Shobin Mathew
   Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers

Managing Director: Jeff Adkins
   Senior Account Director: Tiffany Alexander
   Account Supervisor: Matt Doscher
   Account Executive: Blaine Turner
   Strategy Director: Shannon Mehner

Production Company: Sanctuary
   Director: Elle Ginter
   Executive Producer/Owner: Preston Lee
   Head of Production: Adam Litt
   Producer: Jason Rachardson
   Director of Photography: Peter Hadfield

Editorial Company: Flare Chicago
   Managing Editor: Casey Cobler
   Flame Artist: Mark Anderson
   Producer: Jenny McDonald
   Sound Engineer: Steve Aguilar

Music: “A New Start”
   Artist: Tessa Rose Jackson

Voice Talent: Lia Mortenson

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