Santa sees red and decides to slim down for Audi


Santa is fat. He’s always been fat. It’s what makes him jolly.

That is, until he discovers his “jolliness” won’t fit into a new red new Audi R5 Sportsback coupe. It’s the same feeling when those pants “shrunk” or your shoulders suddenly got too broad to button your blazer.

Instead of drowning his woes in more milk and cookies, Santa makes a life decision – he puts down the cookie, wipes the crumbs from his beard and begins to work out.

This amazing new online video from San Francisco-based M/H VCCP and directed by MJZ’s Craig Gillespie, has us follow Santa as he goes on a new health regimen. He boxes. He runs. Father Christmas does sit-ups. It’s painful, but Santa has drive. He even passes up cookies for broccoli, jumps rope and trims his grand beard. HIs reward besides lower cholesterol and a probably a better sex life (Mrs. Claus looks more and more amorous as Santa progresses) is a shiny, red Rudolph.

Of course not, it’s a shiny red Audi RS 5… hauled by reindeer. Audi’s tag: “Progress is writing your own story.” Watch the nearly 4-minute video below:

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In a quote to Campaign Live, Loren Angelo, vice president of marketing for Audi of America, said: “For our holiday story this year, we wanted to take a new look at classic traditions. Even a beloved character like Santa Claus deserves the opportunity to modernize to take on the spectacular Audi RS 5 Sportback driving experience.”

I love this spot. Not just for the comedy of seeing Santa jog across an icy tundra or seeing him box with an brutal elf trainer. No, what the creatives at M/H VCCP (can you add any more initials?) and Gillespie have accomplished through gorgeous film and crisp sound, is a short film that not only is playful, but emotionally moving.

It speaks to middle-age and older that you can reinvent yourself. Even if it’s for an Audi Rs 5, who is to argue with getting a little healthier?

And that’s why this is our “REEL AD OF THE WEEK.”

Client – Audi

Agency: M/H VCCP
   Joel Kaplan – Executive Creative Director
   Mike Gallagher – Senior Copywriter
   Nicole Van Dawark – Senior Producer
   Lexi Alaga – Associate Producer
   Julie Petruzo – Director of Business Affairs
   Arthi Veeraragavan – Director of Analytics
   Jessica Bedussi – Senior Social Strategist
   Jessica Gaylord – Community Manager
   Henry Fernandez – Account Director
   Margaret Furth – Account Director
   Mikaela Kearns – Account Supervisor
   Emily Menken – Account Manager

Production Company: MJZ
   Director: Craig Gillespie
   President: David Zander
   Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
   Line Producer: Debbie Tietjen

International Production Services: Bohemian Pictures
   Producer: Sherry Baumgart
   Production Manager: Daniela Buzgova
   Production Coordinator: Lucie Vaskova

VFX: Eightvfx
   Executive Producer: Shira Boardman
   VFX Supervisor: Marc Demmer

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