Sam Jackson to reprise Nick Fury in Disney+ series

Disney+ may soon have to change its name to Disney+Marvel. The streamer announced what will be its ninth series from the studio that has given us The Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson is confirmed to reprise his role as S.H.I.E.L.D head honcho Nick Fury in an upcoming series. According to Variety , Jackson who first appeared … Continue reading “Sam Jackson to reprise Nick Fury in Disney+ series”

‘WandaVision’ reveals its first trailer on Emmys

It’s a good day to be a Geek… especially if you are a Disney, LucasFilm or Marvel geek. Last night’s Emmy’s revealed the trailer for WandaVision, which could be the first major Marvel TV series to arrive on Disney+. If the trailer is anything to go by, it’s Marvel’s most surreal show yet. Reminiscent of … Continue reading “‘WandaVision’ reveals its first trailer on Emmys”

Zack Snyder shares new Steppenwolf preview

If your villain sucks, in both personality and look, then chances are the film will suck, too. That was the case with the Joss Whedon (the theatrical cut) version of Justice League. Villain Steppenwolf, who reports to Apokolips despot Darkseid was pretty terrible in both his look and goal This was especially surprising since Whedon … Continue reading “Zack Snyder shares new Steppenwolf preview”

Marvel Studios reportedly releases crews as of April 3

Hopefully, this chatter will turn out to be false, but right now there is talk making the rounds that Marvel Studios is shutting down production and releasing the crews associated with each project due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The studio has already paused production on the feature, Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten … Continue reading “Marvel Studios reportedly releases crews as of April 3”

Marvel TV loses powers, folded into Marvel Studios

When it’s all said and done, Marvel Television, the small-screen division run by Jeph Loeb, felt the snap of Kevin Feige’s powerful fingers. No Infinity Glove needed. The division is reportedly, according to multiple outlets, shutting down. For some time, the speculation among industry insiders was that the unit was moving toward irrelevancy, given Kevin … Continue reading “Marvel TV loses powers, folded into Marvel Studios”

From Grande to James, celebs dress for Halloween

The last Halloween of the decade has just passed and once again, celebrities did not disappoint when it came to dressing up. From Jessica Chastain’s (It: Chapter 2, Molly’s Game) spot on (and sexy) Joker to Heidi Klum’s terrifying Hellraiser(?) inspired look to Gabrielle Union channelling her iconic Bring it On role, most of the … Continue reading “From Grande to James, celebs dress for Halloween”

‘Black Panther II’ set for May 2022 release

While Marvel Studios sorts out the Spider-man debacle between it and Sony, the production company still has lots of big news to announce at D23, being held this weekend in Anaheim. This time it was director Ryan Coogler who got to drop the news. Black Panther II, the sequel to the 2018 cultural phenomenon, will … Continue reading “‘Black Panther II’ set for May 2022 release”

Marvel Studios announces ‘Phase Four’ slate

What many would call, “The Main Event” of Comic-Con finally happened. Marvel Studios’ head honcho, Kevin Feige, took the stage at massive Hall H, stood before a salivating packed house of fans and announced most of Marvel’s ‘Phase Four’ films. From the crowd’s reaction, Feige did not disappoint. He also had a few bombshells. ‘Phase … Continue reading “Marvel Studios announces ‘Phase Four’ slate”

Disney Streaming to assemble some ‘Avengers’ for TV

Step aside DC Streaming service. The REEL360 team may have to subscribe to Disney Streaming first now. According to Variety, Disney is assembling some of The Avengers as the company preps to launch its upcoming streaming service. Apparently, the Mouse is in early development on an ambitious plan for a number of limited series centered … Continue reading “Disney Streaming to assemble some ‘Avengers’ for TV”