AT&T and Lily return in first 5G campaign from BBDO

(New ads ads featureMilana Vayntrub as Lily)

AT&T is releasing its first ad celebrating nationwide 5G, starring its beloved spokes-character Lily! Since Lily’s return to AT&T in May, she is back for the third installment of the latest series of ads featuring Milana Vayntrub as an AT&T employee.

This time, Lily is shown back in an AT&T store and making a big deal about the launch of nationwide 5G on AT&T. For customers, that big deal includes a free Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G with eligible trade-ins. 

 The campaign was created in partnership with AT&T, BBDO Los Angeles and Critical Mass.  Watch below:

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Consumers will also see Lily come alive on AT&T social channels in the coming weeks to further “uncomplicate” 5G for consumers in her approachable and relatable way.



  • SVP, Advertising and Marketing Communication: Valarie Vargas
  • VP, Advertising and Social Media: Marc Burns
  • Director, Advertising: Dave Brown
  • Lead Manager, Advertising: Tara Poosti
  • Director, Diversity Advertising: Mariel Llenza
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  • Director, Online Marketing: Jillian Ramirez
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  • Senior Manager, Media: Esther Rim

AGENCIES: BBDO, Critical Mass, Dieste, Hearts & Science


  • Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars 
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  • Project Manager: Natalia Barrios


  • President Hearts & BBDO: Ralph Pardo
  • Managing Executive Director: Mike Venables
  • Executive Director, AT&T Consumer Media: Shanae Johnson
  • Executive Director, Digital Strategy: Theresa Fromm
  • Senior Director, Strategy: Brian Diamond
  • Senior Director, Strategy: Christiana Messina
  • Senior Director, Video Investment: Larry Hunt
  • Senior Director, Sports Strategy: Geoff Spies
  • Director, Sports Investment: Robert Rizzo


  • Director: Milana Vayntrub
  • DP: Shawn Kim
  • Executive Producer(s): Rick Jarjoura
  • Head of Production:
  • Line Producer(s): Josh Goldstein

EDIT: Cut & Run Edit

  • Editor(s): Frank Effron
  • Asst Editor(s):
  • Executive Producer: Amburr Farls
  • Head of Production:
  • Producer: Brady Fiero

EDIT: Pixel Power Post

Editors: Pablo Piriz and Marcus Gonzalez

TELECINE: Framestore

Telecine Artist: Beau Leon


  • Head of Production/Executive Producer: Diana Cheng
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MIX: Lime

  • Executive Producer:  Susie Boyajan
  • Mixer: Zac Fisher


Executive Producer: Bryce Edwards


Chief Creative Director: Dan Pritikin

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