Last call for FCB and AB InBev Lime-A-Rita account

FCB will not be serving up anymore Lime-a-rita campaigns for client AB INBev, as the brewing giant launched a review Friday for its brand.

On June 22, Adweek broke the news that the brewer had issued an RFP.

A spokesman was quoted as saying, “We are proud of the work that was created from our collaboration with FCB Chicago and Lime-A-Rita, which has produced a number of memorable ads since 2015. As the brand evolves, we continually look to refresh our perspective and evaluate our agency structure.”

Kids dream big in Nike Lunar New Year work

We’ve all been buoyed by a kid’s naive ambition to realize their big dreams. Why can’t all of us just dream like a kid again, despite being stuck with all of life’s everyday challenges? To show how far a kid’s big dream can go, Nike has released a film that lets a wild bunch of kids … Continue reading “Kids dream big in Nike Lunar New Year work”

Your neighbors have it in Facebook Marketplace campaign

If there’s one thing Gen Z loves, it’s a good deal. From praising budget airlines to sharing cost-cutting hacks on TikTok, any opportunity to cut spending has become more than welcome. As a result, Facebook Marketplace has emerged as a hub for that generation especially, allowing neighbors to help neighbors by reselling and buying everything … Continue reading “Your neighbors have it in Facebook Marketplace campaign”

Minecraft turns players into Mangrove Enthusiasts

Mangroves are super trees that do so much for us and our world – like sucking up and storing carbon from our air, protecting us from storms, and filtering pollution out of the ocean. But mangroves have a PR problem: unlike better-known environmental causes such as coral reefs and kelp forests, most people have never … Continue reading “Minecraft turns players into Mangrove Enthusiasts”

Postmates saves historical figures in new campaign

From Mother LA, Postmates has launched their new “Hit The Spot” brand platform, centered around Postmates’ commitment to helping people find that sacred state of craving bliss. And it’s our Reel Ad of the Week. The insight is when a craving hits, not just any food can satisfy it. It takes the perfect food from … Continue reading “Postmates saves historical figures in new campaign”

AFI FEST 2022 to open with Selena Gomez documentary

The American Film Institute (AFI) announced that the World Premiere of the Apple Original film Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me will open the 36th edition of AFI FEST on Wednesday, November 2.  After years in the limelight, Selena Gomez achieves unimaginable stardom. But just as she reaches a new peak, an unexpected turn pulls her into darkness. … Continue reading “AFI FEST 2022 to open with Selena Gomez documentary”

Avalara makes compliance less taxing

With over 13,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States, an ever-changing array of tax laws and a myriad of special case scenarios, remaining tax-compliant can be a major source of stress for businesses. Avalara’s software aims to change that in a new campaign from 215 McCann. Avalara’s software automates tax compliance processes, freeing businesses of … Continue reading “Avalara makes compliance less taxing”

Manning bros star in NFL Youth campaign

We’re not only at the precipice of another NFL season, but Flag Football and Youth Tackle season has also started. Peyton and Eli Manning – acclaimed former NFL football quarterbacks, brothers and members of the Manning football dynasty – star in a new “Play Football” campaign, a fun and humorous initiative to promote the League’s … Continue reading “Manning bros star in NFL Youth campaign”

Keegan Michael Key gets “Marie Kondo’d” in Google One campaign

Google One’s latest consumer marketing campaign stars Hollywood A-Lister Keegan Michael Key and tidying-expert Marie Kondo. It’s our REEL AD OF THE WEEK. Google One is a membership that offers expanded cloud storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, plus premium features like a VPN for added security. The campaign, which launched on August 16 and was … Continue reading “Keegan Michael Key gets “Marie Kondo’d” in Google One campaign”

“Feel The Flavor” in new Perrier global campaign

Showcasing its range of sparkling fruit flavors, this vibrant new campaign celebrates the uplifting spirit of Perrier. Inspired by its range of boldly refreshing flavors, Perrier is unveiling a new global campaign, “Feel the Flavor.” Perrier’s effervescent bubbles are bursting with fruit and citrus notes that excite both your mood and your spirit. The new creative … Continue reading ““Feel The Flavor” in new Perrier global campaign”

MJZ, anti-gun campaigns from Burnett and BBDO win big at shots Awards

Last night, the shots Awards held The Americas Ceremony in Hollywood. Production company, MJZ, along with work anti-gun violence creative from Leo Burnett, BBDO and States United to Prevent Gun Violence came away the big winners. With the pandemic causing the previous last two awards shows to go digital-only, this celebration of creative campaigns from North and … Continue reading “MJZ, anti-gun campaigns from Burnett and BBDO win big at shots Awards”

DirecTV launches streaming service with the GOATbusters

DIRECTV has launch its GOATbusters national ad campaign featuring baseball legends Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson, highlighting the company’s streaming product, DIRECTV STREAM. Created and developed by TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, the foursome comes together to combat supernatural forces and other would-be foes through the 2022 MLB season, just like the … Continue reading “DirecTV launches streaming service with the GOATbusters”

Keeping up with the Joneses and Jonases in Toyota Tundra Super Bowl ad

The stars align in Toyota’s second Big Game ad, “The Joneses,” as Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones, Rashida Jones and Nick Jonas try to keep up alongside the biggest star of them all, the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra. The all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra has been years in the making and you only get one chance to … Continue reading “Keeping up with the Joneses and Jonases in Toyota Tundra Super Bowl ad”

QuickBooks is warming up for the Super Bowl

What do a cat, a karaoke singer, a winking chimp and 17 million Americans have in common? QuickBooks may just have the answer. You can find out Super Bowl Sunday, when the accounting software company debuts its inaugural advertisement in the fourth quarter of the big game. Today, Intuit QuickBooks has a teaser, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day … Continue reading “QuickBooks is warming up for the Super Bowl”

Walter, the catdog is back in new Chevy Silverado spot

Walter, the cat who acts like a dog, is back! He and his owner head out in a Chevy Silverado Trail Boss for some epic snow day adventures. With a two-inch lift and Goodyear®Duratrac tires, this truck is ready for off-roading right from the factory. And so is Walter. Watch below: REELated: Coach is the ride … Continue reading “Walter, the catdog is back in new Chevy Silverado spot”

Actor Jon goes Hamm on Apple TV+

Jon Hamm has played many memorable roles – uh, Don Draper anyone? And don’t forget Kristen Wiig’s douchey boyfriend, in the 2011 smash hit Bridesmaids. Or Hamm as determined FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley, in The Town. But while Apple TV+ is setting itself apart with its series and movies starring such A-Listers as Jennifer Aniston, … Continue reading “Actor Jon goes Hamm on Apple TV+”

Taika Waititi directs Jennifer Aniston’s in Idorsia campaign

Taking a break from Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, New Zealand and Hungry Man director Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbitt, Thor: Ragnarok) filmed and helped award-winning actor and director/producer Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show) launch Seize the Night & Day for Idorsia Ltd and Idorsia Pharmaceuticals. Developed by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, the national initiative sheds … Continue reading “Taika Waititi directs Jennifer Aniston’s in Idorsia campaign”

Halo Infinite invites us to become heroes

Halo Infinite is the latest installment of the blockbuster Halo franchise and is a sci-fi action/adventure game developed by 343 Studios for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The game is considered a “spiritual reboot” and signals the return of the iconic hero the Master Chief. Recently, the heroes we love to watch … Continue reading “Halo Infinite invites us to become heroes”