Vin Scully: the broadcaster who didn’t do soundbites

“It’s time for Dodgers baseball!” That’s the line we’ve been hearing from people recalling Vin Scully, who died Tuesday. It was his signature greeting at the top of each broadcast. The power isn’t in the line itself, which is fairly pedestrian, but in Scully’s excited, ribbon-cutting delivery. But Scully wasn’t known for signature sentences, although … Continue reading “Vin Scully: the broadcaster who didn’t do soundbites”

Sound meets fashion at Nigel Curtiss’ new store courtesy of Syn

When people walk through the door of Nigel Curtiss‘ exquisitely designed new store in New York’s Meatpacking district they are enveloped in a symphony of design, color, and sound. The music, custom curated by Syn CEO, Nick Wood, Benji Compston and Derek McNiell, pays homage to the designer and celebrity tailor whose clients include Kyle MacLachlan, Derek … Continue reading “Sound meets fashion at Nigel Curtiss’ new store courtesy of Syn”

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Ziegelman’s “Geek Lounge” serves up nerds and laughs

Filmmaker Larry Ziegelman’s new webseries, Geek Lounge, dramatizes the interaction of six friends who hang out in a bar that caters to lifelong Trekkies, obsessive Harry Potter fans, meticulous comic book historians and everything else that belongs within the provenance of nerdism.

“I like to describe it as Cheers meets Silicon Valley,” explains Ziegelman, the writer and director who created seven of the ten episodes and worked with cast member Madelyn Murphy on the rest.

What the Dell? The Dude Guy is back

It was almost impossible to watch your favorite show in the early 2000s without hearing the catchphrase: ‘Dude, you’re getting a Dell.’ Created originally by DDB Chicago, Steve, ‘The Dell Dude,’ appeared in 26 different commercials over three years for the PC company, becoming a national sensation for his iconic catchphrase. Now, 20 years later, … Continue reading “What the Dell? The Dude Guy is back”

This New York Lottery game will lift every bacon lover’s spirits

There’s something delicious (yeah, we went there) coming to New York Lottery retailers. It’s a new Scratch-Off Game called BACON! Yes, glorious bacon! To launch the new lottery ticket, McCann New York cooked up a campaign that pays homage to everyone’s favorite food. The smokey, salty smell of bacon is calling New Yorkers to Wake … Continue reading “This New York Lottery game will lift every bacon lover’s spirits”

Glen Landrum joins Harbor as Senior Audio Engineer

With an impressive audio career spanning more than 25 years, Glen Landrum joins Harbor’s growing commercial sound talent roster with immediate effect.  A renowned award-winning sound mixer for TV and radio commercials, he has worked on both long and short-form content for Sound Lounge, Lime NYC, Lower East Side, Servisound, and Henniger Digital Audio. Landrum … Continue reading “Glen Landrum joins Harbor as Senior Audio Engineer”

Sonic Union promotes and welcomes new member

Sonic Union has promoted two Sound Designer/Mix Engineers, Kelly Oostman and Michelle Kerzner, and added respected Sound Designer/Mix Engineer Rob DiFondi to the company. The trio is part of a tight-knit and diverse talent family that specializes in creative sound production for advertising and entertainment.  “Our very reason for being is to help our clients deliver … Continue reading “Sonic Union promotes and welcomes new member”

Gold Bond: Cut+Run’s Grover does not drop the “ball”

Let’s just say this new Gold Bond spot could not have been done without balls on at least one of the creative’s parts. “Schweaty” ones to be exact. The leading skincare brand recently debuted an irreverent new national TV and social campaign to tout its iconic body and foot powder products. Part of Gold Bond’s … Continue reading “Gold Bond: Cut+Run’s Grover does not drop the “ball””

American Family Insurance: dream fearlessly

The U.S. housing market is the hottest it’s been, with more existing homes being sold in 2020 than in any year since 2006, and many aspiring first-time homeowners searching for a new place to call home. That’s why American Family Insurance, which offers many lines of insurance, is honing in on the home in a … Continue reading “American Family Insurance: dream fearlessly”

George Clooney and friends of Nespresso define care

Nespresso believes that coffee can be a powerful force for good, and this conviction is central to the brand’s new campaign, ‘Made with Care’, featuring longstanding brand ambassador and Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board (NSAB) member George Clooney.  The campaign, launched with a film created by McCann New York, features George Clooney among other Nespresso friends, … Continue reading “George Clooney and friends of Nespresso define care”

M&M’s: AR shows us what’s going on inside a bag

At last, M&M’S fans can grab one bag that includes all of their favorite flavors mixed together with the introduction of M&M’S Mix. Classic Mix features the top three most popular varieties—Milk Chocolate, Peanut, and Peanut Butter—and Peanut Mix includes Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Peanut M&M’S. But, how do the iconic M&M’S characters feel … Continue reading “M&M’s: AR shows us what’s going on inside a bag”

The kids are not alright in new Sandy Hook PSAs

Today, leading gun violence prevention organization, Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), is launching its latest PSA campaign titled The Kids Are Not Alright to bring awareness to the mounting mental health challenges facing America’s youth and teens.  Being a teenager is extremely hard during “normal” times, but over the last year, youth have faced countless added stressors: COVID-19, schools shutting … Continue reading “The kids are not alright in new Sandy Hook PSAs”

Uber donates 10 million rides for vaccine shots

According to Uber, 45% of Americans lack public transportation access. Consequently, Uber is partnering with PayPal and Walgreens to create the Vaccine Access Fund to help Americans get to their vaccine appointments. Titled “Vaccinate the Block,” the campaign developed by R/GA is asking the public to help Uber’s efforts to drive people across America to their vaccine appointments. … Continue reading “Uber donates 10 million rides for vaccine shots”

AICP names Curatorial Committees for 2021 show

AICP has announced its lineups for the Curatorial Committees for the 2021 AICP Show and the 2021 AICP Post Awards as well as the lineup of Jury Presidents and Curators for the AICP Next Awards. Comprised of industry experts from all aspects and disciplines involved in creating brand content in the moving image, these three … Continue reading “AICP names Curatorial Committees for 2021 show”

FedEx, Willie Nelson promote sustainability goals

As we close out Earth Month, FedEx launches its latest sustainability marketing effort, themed “Priority Earth,” with the support of musical legend and recognized environmentalist, Willie Nelson. FedEx has always prioritized delivering for its customers. But there is another priority we all share: Earth. FedEx is doing its part to prioritize a more sustainable planet, with … Continue reading “FedEx, Willie Nelson promote sustainability goals”

USPS discovers new routes with McCann

Business is changing. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is changing with it, so we can serve businesses and their customers right when they need it. The Postal Service, an essential federal service, is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, delivering mail and packages to every home and business in the United States. USPS deliveries … Continue reading “USPS discovers new routes with McCann”

Mahershala Ali narrates new P&G film ‘Widen the Screen’

The Procter & Gamble Company today announced the creation of an expansive content creation, talent development and partnership platform that enables and advocates for increased inclusion of Black creators across the advertising, film and television industries. To accomplish this the brand turned to Grey New York and acclaimed actor Mahershala Ali to create Widen The … Continue reading “Mahershala Ali narrates new P&G film ‘Widen the Screen’”

Dunkin’s new NHL ad plays in a bubble

Last season, like the NBA, the NHL played a partial season in a bubble. So, here we have a case of art imitating life as a new campaign from Dunkin’ and their creative partner BBDO also takes place in a bubble… an ice hockey arcade bubble. If you’ve ever wondered what NHL superstars David Pastrňák … Continue reading “Dunkin’s new NHL ad plays in a bubble”

FedEx goes back to move forward in vaccine TVC

After a year of hardship due to Covid-19, we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the recently released vaccine. So FedEx, one of the largest delivery services in the world, is doing its part to help by pitching in to deliver the vaccines – the first step to getting back … Continue reading “FedEx goes back to move forward in vaccine TVC”

Foot Locker launches “12 Days of Greatness”

Just in time for last night’s Draft, Foot Locker is launched its basketball-inspired holiday shopping experience, “12 Days of Greatness.” The campaign launches with a cheeky spot titled, “The Worst Kept Secret” featuring a noteworthy cast of respected designers and culture-makers celebrating their love of the game. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in streetwear, sneaker … Continue reading “Foot Locker launches “12 Days of Greatness””