Gold Bond: Cut+Run’s Grover does not drop the “ball”

Gold Bond
(Ballsy new campaign from Gold Bond)

Let’s just say this new Gold Bond spot could not have been done without balls on at least one of the creative’s parts. “Schweaty” ones to be exact. The leading skincare brand recently debuted an irreverent new national TV and social campaign to tout its iconic body and foot powder products.

Part of Gold Bond’s broader Champion Your Skin campaign advocating for real skin, the new work gets real about powder—why guys use it, where they use it, and most importantly, how they talk about it.

The work comes from independent advertising agency Terri & Sandy, which became Gold Bond’s AOR in January 2020, and was directed by Nalle Sjoblad and edited by Cut+Run’s Jon Grover.

The campaign launched on Facebook, Instagram and other digital properties with a 60-second anthem that was “too ballsy for broadcast.” Called “Euphemisms,” the spot features a pair of young men discussing a problem as old as time itself: sweaty balls.

From ancient Rome through the Middle Ages, from Godfather-era New York to ‘80s Wall Street and beyond, our characters complain about “slick stones,” “moist marbles,” and “over-steeped teabags” until, finally, Gold Bond arrives to promise “There’s freshness in your future.”

The humorous campaign continues with two 15-second spots for national broadcast TV. The spots introduce a recurring character named G.B. Powders, a sage voice of reason who helps young men see the error of their wet ways.

Of course this is our Reel Ad of the Week. Ballsy of us we know.


CLIENT: Gold Bond / Aspercreme

  • Head of Personal Care, US Consumer Health: Helene Pamon
  • Personal Care Portfolio Lead:  Jessica Graf
  • Senior Brand Lead Skincare: Amanda Avery
  • Senior Brand Lead Skincare: Martha Page
  • Personal Care Assistant  Brand Lead: Gabrielle Porter

AGENCY:  Terri & Sandy

  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO:   Terri Meyer
  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO:   Sandy Greenberg
  • Creative Director, Copywriting: Todd Condie
  • Creative Director, Art Direction: Mike Cicale
  • Copywriter:  Rebecca Baldwin
  • Art Director: Luke Johnson
  • Junior Art Director: Christian Baron
  • Executive Producer: Daniel Maughan
  • Head of Strategy: Tracy Chapman
  • Integrated Account Director: Dani Blevins
  • Integrated Account Director: Jasmine McDavid
  • Account Executive: Anthony Sanchez


  • Director: Nalle Sjoblad
  • Executive Producer: Ana de Diego
  • Producer: Henri Hamalainen
  • Line Producer: Ivan Ivanov
  • Director of Photography: Max Smeds
  • Production Designer: Emil Gigov
  • Stylist: Sergei Yordanov

EDIT: Cut+Run 

  • Editor: Jon Grover
  • Managing Partner: Lauren Hertzberg
  • Senior Producer: Eytan Gutman
  • Assistant Editor: Evan Bahnsen


  • Senior Flame Artists: Joseph Grosso
  • Senior Producer: Mike Tockman

VFX COMPANY: B2Y Productions

  • VFX Supervisor: Dimitar Itskov
  • Compositing: Pavel Pavlov, Ivaylo NedkovDimitar Itskov
  • 3D: Plamen Ivanov & Jelio Demerdjiev
  • VFX Producer: Bogomil Georgiev

MIX:  Sound Lounge

  • Executive Producer: Susie Shuttleworth
  • Mixer: Tom Jucarone
  • Senior Producer: Lauren Mullen
  • Color:  Nice Shoes
  • Colorist: Maria Carretero
  • Color Assistant: Matt Annitto
  • Executive Producer: Tara Holmes
  • Producer: Andrew Pandolfino

Gold Bond (end music):

MUSIC: Citizen Music

  • Executive Producer: Amanda Fink Mandell
  • Head of Production: Theo de Gunzburg
  • Music Supervisor: Patrick Oliver (Pretty Good Songs)


  • Music courtesy of Extreme Music
  • Music Supervisor: Patrick Oliver (Pretty Good Songs)