INTERVIEW: Rick Astley on Frito-Lay’s new campaign

2+ This January, Frito-Lay will launch its first-ever “New Year New You” campaign starring not only an array of snacks, but ALSO 80’s chart-topper Rick Astley, who will assure viewers that they “never have to give up”  fun, flavorful snacks, including Smartfood popcorn, SunChips, Off the Eaten Path veggie crisps/puffs, and Baked+ Simply favorites to … Continue reading “INTERVIEW: Rick Astley on Frito-Lay’s new campaign”

Tracee Ellis Ross looks for Joy in new Lay’s campaign

5+ We’re excited to share a first look at a new national Lay’s campaign that debuts today – which again is the work of Frito-Lay’s internal creative team. The campaign is titled, “Joy Says What,” and stars the amazingly talented Tracee Ellis Ross. In the spot – written and produced by Frito-Lay’s own in-house creative … Continue reading “Tracee Ellis Ross looks for Joy in new Lay’s campaign”

Lay’s, David&Goliath look for some joygivers

1+ Lay’s is on a mission to find and celebrate people who are creating much-needed joy in their local communities – donating $50 to Feeding America for every social post using the hashtag to honor these #JoyGivers, with a contribution up to $1 million by July 12. (That adds up to 20,000 #JoyGivers across America!) To … Continue reading “Lay’s, David&Goliath look for some joygivers”

Sadira Furlow joins the Happy Money Movement

1+ Happy Money, a leading fintech company building tools and services for human happiness, has named Sadira Furlow as its Chief Marketing Officer. Sadira joins Happy Money at a time of immense growth, as consumer deleveraging and demand for digitally-native finance products increases. Drawing on her extensive advertising and marketing experience, Sadira will help establish the Happy … Continue reading “Sadira Furlow joins the Happy Money Movement”

Kunis, Kutcher star in Cheetos Super Bowl TVC

1+ Pepsi may not be dominating the Super Bowl like it has, well almost every year, but that doesn’t mean other brands won’t be taking over. After reclaiming its Super Bowl icon status last year, today Cheetos unveiled this year’s full TVC for Super Bowl LV, It Wasn’t Me. In the commercial, created by Goodby, … Continue reading “Kunis, Kutcher star in Cheetos Super Bowl TVC”

‘Twas the night before Super Bowl with Frito-Lay

1+ With many major brands such as Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi and Hyundai skipping out on spending the estimated $5.5 million for a :30-second ad slot during Super Bowl LV, one would think that this year’s assortment of spots might be along the quality of say Ashley’s Furniture or Carshield. Thank brands like Frito-Lay for not … Continue reading “‘Twas the night before Super Bowl with Frito-Lay”

Anna Kendrick is back singing “My Favorite Things” for Frito-Lay

6+ She’s back. You know the Reel 360 team has a never-ending crush on Anna Kendrick. So, we are stoked that she is back in singing Frito-Lay’s rendition of the classic “MyFavorite Things” – as sung by actress Anna Kendrick – will return to airwaves this week to mark the official start of holiday season. But as evidenced by Kendrick in … Continue reading “Anna Kendrick is back singing “My Favorite Things” for Frito-Lay”

Olay makes space for women in full Super Bowl spot

2+ “Is there enough space in space for women? Who wrote that?” asks Katie Couric in Olay‘s Super Bowl spot which is inspired by the first all-female space walk last year. The ad stars Lilly Singh and Busy Philipps, who take a trip into space with retired astronaut Nicole Stott. Their space mission is overseen … Continue reading “Olay makes space for women in full Super Bowl spot”

First Look: Anna Kendrick sings up snacking for Frito-Lay

2+ Who doesn’t like Anna Kendrick? Not only is the multi-talented star of Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods and Up in the Air talented, she is so friggin’ cute. This holiday season, Kendrick joins Frito-Lay brands –  Lay’s potato chips, Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos and Smartfood popcorn – to sing a new version of the classic … Continue reading “First Look: Anna Kendrick sings up snacking for Frito-Lay”

David&Goliath helps Imag!ne Snacks fuel imaginations

2+ Kids have incredible imaginations. Yet these days packed schedules can leave little room for free thinking and imaginative play. That’s why IMAG!NE is feeding hungry imaginations by providing clever snacks with wholesome ingredients like cheese, apples, and cranberries that spark kids’ creativity. Frito-Lay’s new brand Imag!ne Snacks wants to take care of that. The … Continue reading “David&Goliath helps Imag!ne Snacks fuel imaginations”