PepsiCo scores with “Unretirement” NFL campaign

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As football season kicks off, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay and Beverages brands are making a big play with their 2023 NFL Kickoff campaign, aptly titled “Unretirement.”

This star-studded TV commercial, directed by Rick Famuyiwa of Superprime Films, envisions a world where iconic NFL players come out of retirement, only to find that things don’t quite go as planned.

The ad features a cast of current and former NFL legends, including Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Dan Marino, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and the newest addition to the PepsiCo lineup, Josh Allen. Together, they showcase the sheer joy of enjoying football alongside delicious Frito-Lay snacks and PepsiCo beverages.

The creative cleverly plays with the concept of “unretirement,” a trend that sees retired athletes returning to the field. It explores humorous scenarios where these iconic players, tempted by the irresistible taste of Lay’s chips and Pepsi Zero Sugar, attempt a comeback. From Dan Marino using reading glasses to read play call wristbands to Emmitt Smith dozing off on the bench, the ad provides plenty of laughs. Watch below:


Greg Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Beverages North America, highlighted the synergy between PepsiCo’s brands and the gameday experience. He emphasized that the campaign aims to amplify the excitement of watching football while enjoying the company’s snacks and beverages.

For Josh Allen, this campaign marks his first appearance as part of a multi-year partnership with PepsiCo. He expressed his excitement about sharing the screen with football greats like Dan Marino and being a part of their “unretirement” experience.

The commercial made its debut on Sunday, September 10th, and will continue to air throughout the NFL season. This campaign builds on the long-standing relationship between PepsiCo and the NFL, emphasizing the brands’ integral role in the gameday experience.

PepsiCo’s “Unretirement” campaign demonstrates that football, snacks, and beverages are a winning combination, capturing the excitement of the game and making fans feel like they’re right back on the field with their favorite players.


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Direct Focus, Inc

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Frito Lay USA

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  • Tina Mahal (Vice President)
  • James Wade (Marketing Director)
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PRODUCTION – The Mill Los Angeles

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POST / VFX – The Mill Los Angeles

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