Progressive Insurance rolls with Kid ‘n Play for new Replay spot

(Chirstophe Martin, Christopher Reid)

Progressive Insurance’s “Replay” campaign takes a trip down memory lane by featuring Kid ‘n Play, the iconic 90s hip-hop duo, in its latest commercial titled “Watch Party.”

Starring Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin, the commercial, created by VMLY&R, brings the duo together for a football watch party, injecting humor and nostalgia into the scene. The plot revolves around a misunderstanding between the two friends, leading to the need for a Replay challenge flag.


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The commercial incorporates iconic nods to hip-hop culture, including the revival of the Kick Step with actress Ashley Everett and an exclusive track from the trending hip-hop duo Flyana Boss. Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller, known from Progressive’s recent “Suits” spot, also makes an appearance, creating continuity within the Replay campaign. Watch below:


Walter Geer, Chief Experience Design Officer at VMLY&R, the agency behind the campaign, emphasized the intersection of Progressive’s Replay campaign with the vibrancy of hip-hop culture. The commercial aims to pay homage to Kid ‘n Play’s legacy and role in hip-hop history while weaving them into the narrative of Progressive’s Replay.

The Replay campaign explores various aspects of 90s nostalgia, with additional commercials titled “Suits,” “Game Plans,” and “Sunroof.” By tapping into nostalgia and cultural references, Progressive seeks to resonate with audiences across generations.


BRAND: Progressive Insurance


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