David&Goliath named AOR for Jollibee

1+ Integrated creative agency David&Goliath (D&G) today announces that it was awarded Agency of Record for Honeybee Foods Corporation (Jollibee) in late 2020. Jollibee and its affiliates comprise one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing Asian restaurant companies with roots in the Philippines and over 1,400 restaurants worldwide. Jollibee is looking to accelerate growth from its current … Continue reading “David&Goliath named AOR for Jollibee”

David&Goliath bolsters creative and strategy

0 David Angelo, founder and chairman of integrated creative agency David&Goliath (D&G) today announced a series of promotions and new hires in a move that will bolster the agency’s creative and strategy departments and deliver breadth and depth to its newly launched Creative Impact Hub. Led by Chief Creative Officer Ben Purcell and Chief of Social Impact … Continue reading “David&Goliath bolsters creative and strategy”

David&Goliath makes leadership moves

3+ David&Goliath announced today the appointment of Blake Winfree as Chief of Social Impact and promotes D&G veteran Ben Purcell from Executive Creative Director to Chief Creative Officer in a move to expand the agency’s purpose-driven footprint by establishing a creative impact hub dedicated to inspiring greater social responsibility and sustainable impact within the industry, … Continue reading “David&Goliath makes leadership moves”

David&Goliath turn Kia Sorento into storytelling machine

1+ As storytellers, we need the right inspiration and tools in which to convey and translate our experiences. And the world is full of stories, even more so during a pandemic, that are just waiting to be told. In the latest innovative creative campaign for Kia Motors by David&Goliath, Kia introduced the all-new 2021 Sorento, a … Continue reading “David&Goliath turn Kia Sorento into storytelling machine”

Lisa Tanner joins David&Goliath as new Managing Director for Kia

1+ David Angelo, Founder & Chairman of integrated creative agency David&Goliath  announces appointment of Lisa Tanner as Managing Director. Reporting to D&G’s President, Yumi Prentice, Tanner’s primary responsibilities on the management team will be to lead the overall Kia business and integrated efforts with all partner agencies.  “Lisa’s impressive experience and expertise in the industry, whether … Continue reading “Lisa Tanner joins David&Goliath as new Managing Director for Kia”

David&Goliath appoints Director of Empathy

1+ David Angelo, Founder & Chairman of integrated creative agency David&Goliath (D&G) appointed Tiffany Persons as Director of Empathy, a title created to encompass her unique experience and qualifications as a compassionate leader, humanitarian and highly-respected and recognized communicator. Reporting to Angelo and to D&G’s President, Yumi Prentice, Persons’ primary responsibilities will include the recruitment of underrepresented … Continue reading “David&Goliath appoints Director of Empathy”

Lay’s, David&Goliath look for some joygivers

1+ Lay’s is on a mission to find and celebrate people who are creating much-needed joy in their local communities – donating $50 to Feeding America for every social post using the hashtag to honor these #JoyGivers, with a contribution up to $1 million by July 12. (That adds up to 20,000 #JoyGivers across America!) To … Continue reading “Lay’s, David&Goliath look for some joygivers”

David&Goliath, Stacy’s Pita Chips inspire women “to rise”

2+ The Reel 360 Team actually had no idea how the tasty little pita chip known as Stacy’s Pita Chips came into being. The story goes that Stacy Madison began her career as a social worker at a home for pregnant women with drug addiction issues. She made $22,000 a year, she says in an … Continue reading “David&Goliath, Stacy’s Pita Chips inspire women “to rise””

Forman joins David&Goliath as Chief Strategy Officer

1+ Friday, David Angelo, founder and chairman of integrated creative agency David&Goliath, announced the appointment of Laura Forman as chief strategy officer. Reporting directly to Angelo, Forman will lead the agency’s strategy practice across D&G’s client base and will help usher in D&G’s next generation planning function as both a business strategist and a creative … Continue reading “Forman joins David&Goliath as Chief Strategy Officer”

4A’s, David&Goliath launch creative movement

3+ Movement aims to prove that at the heart of creativity lies a purpose that is undeniable and authentic. The 4A’s, the leading trade organization for marketing communications agencies, is launching The Conscious Creative Movement, bringing together heart-driven creators who believe ideas and positive thinking can change the world. Bringing together liked-minded thinkers, Conscious Creative, … Continue reading “4A’s, David&Goliath launch creative movement”

David&Goliath helps Imag!ne Snacks fuel imaginations

2+ Kids have incredible imaginations. Yet these days packed schedules can leave little room for free thinking and imaginative play. That’s why IMAG!NE is feeding hungry imaginations by providing clever snacks with wholesome ingredients like cheese, apples, and cranberries that spark kids’ creativity. Frito-Lay’s new brand Imag!ne Snacks wants to take care of that. The … Continue reading “David&Goliath helps Imag!ne Snacks fuel imaginations”

David&Goliath hit new terrain in Kia Soul spot

5+ Did not see that coming, Kia. Literally. Since taking the automotive industry by storm when introduced in 2009, the Kia Soul has defined and still dominates the category. That of course had to also do with the advertising which featured the groovy hamsters. In fact, The Soul has proved so popular that in March … Continue reading “David&Goliath hit new terrain in Kia Soul spot”

David&Goliath and Guard Bros for Holiday Scratchers

5+ Now that we have passed Thanksgiving, we are deep in the throes of holiday spots. There are some good ones and not-so-good ones. But we are lucky to share one of the really good ones. Created by David&Goliath, the California Lottery continues its tradition of encouraging Scratchers as gifts to both friends and acquaintances, … Continue reading “David&Goliath and Guard Bros for Holiday Scratchers”

David&Goliath expands Kia creative team

4+ LA-Based Agency Taps two ECDs and a GCD to lead Kia Motors business David&Goliath has announced the appointment of three senior creative hires to round out the Kia Motors team: Marc Schwarzberg, ECD, Head of Art/Design; Mark Koelfgen, ECD/Copywriter; and Frauke Tiemann, Group Creative Director. “With the launch of the new Stinger and having … Continue reading “David&Goliath expands Kia creative team”

David&Goliath named creative AOR for Chicken of the Sea

1+ LA-based shop charged with reinventing 104-year-old brand. The mermaid has a new rock! Full-service creative agency David&Goliath (D&G) announced today that it has been named Agency of Record (AOR) for Chicken of the Sea International (COSI). The LA-based agency will be tasked with helping to reintroduce and revitalize the iconic seafood brand to U.S. … Continue reading “David&Goliath named creative AOR for Chicken of the Sea”

David&Goliath launch new Universal Parks campaign

7+ I don’t know if I’m lucky or not that I live 10 minutes from Universal, Hollywood. You’re welcome stalkers. That said, I sure do love going to the theme park when my daughters are here during the summer and Christmas. Plus, who am I kidding? I’m a big kid. I love the rides and … Continue reading “David&Goliath launch new Universal Parks campaign”

David&Goliath’s 9-mile “scroll” to an African school

9+ My daughters used to complain about having to get up a 5 a.m. to attend a high school that was two miles down the street. Compare their first world complaints to those of the children in the West African country of Sierra Leone who have to trek and survive a brutal 9-mile trail to … Continue reading “David&Goliath’s 9-mile “scroll” to an African school”

David&Goliath build a wall for immigration rights project

6+ Ahhhh, let’s talk about Trump’s border wall. You know – the one that should really be dubbed, “Trump’s Folly?” No, Im not hiding my disdain for his great big wonderful wall. We have all heard about it. Correction, we adults have all heard about it and depending on whether your color scheme is red … Continue reading “David&Goliath build a wall for immigration rights project”

Havas, Escape Pod, MIFF, Thor, Larry David in the news

5+ Anna Parker promoted to Chief Strategy Officer at Havas Havas Chicago announced that it has promoted Anna (Newburn) Parker to Chief Strategy Officer. She joins Havas Chicago’s executive leadership team which includes Paul Marobella, Jason Peterson, Tatia Torrey, Jennifer Marszalek, Lisa Evia and Angelo Kritikos. Considered a major contributor to the transformation of the … Continue reading “Havas, Escape Pod, MIFF, Thor, Larry David in the news”

Kia Motors accelerates the good of high school football

1+ While Kia announced it would not be running a new spot on the Super Bowl, the auto carmaker will be blitzing Sunday on behalf of America’s high school football teams. As America readies for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kia Motors America will focus on giving back directly to young … Continue reading “Kia Motors accelerates the good of high school football”