David&Goliath is Brooklyn bound

(David Angelo, Blake Winfree)

El Segundo-based, David&Goliath, is trading surfboards for the F train. The agency announced today that it is expanding its purpose-driven operations to the East Coast with the official opening of D&G Brooklyn, a culture and social impact agency located in the neighborhood of DUMBO.

Founder and Creative Chairman David Angelo, will head up D&G Brooklyn with Blake Winfree in the role of Chief of Culture and Social Impact. The focus of this new office is to help brands become greater corporate citizens through a bespoke immersive collaboration called “Goliath Out.” It’s a strategic and creative methodology engineered to drive social, cultural and business impact by creating artfully provocative solutions designed to conquer challenges. 

One core tenet of the new office is the belief that the greatest question a brand can ask of its audience is, “How can we help?” D&G believes that brands and people are in community together. The problems that plague one plague the other, hence, the growing consumer expectation for brands to lend a hand, speak up, speak out, and participate.

“Ever since founding D&G more than 23 years ago, I promised myself that one day I would return to the city that helped launch my career,” shared Angelo. “For that return to coincide with this opportunity to help our clients become better corporate citizens is something I could have never scripted. But here we are. A consummate challenger, New York City is primed for one of the greatest economic and cultural transformations to date. I’m so proud to announce that D&G Brooklyn is now open for business and look forward to the impact we can help create, with the help of our own Blake Winfree, in the great city of New York. Here we go!”

The Clients

D&G Brooklyn opens its doors with two clients, Fabric, a venture-backed cryptography and hardware technology company and Procera Gin, an ultra-premium artisan gin crafted in Africa from fresh juniper berries. 


Fabric develops hardware and software with the ultimate goal of protecting consumer data and leading a “trust economy.” It’s hardware for the next generation of cryptography as the company believes in creating a more trustworthy world with secure, private computation at its core. D&G’s initial client work centers on delivering a new brand identity, including creation of a brand toolkit, pitch materials, digital design direction, and marketing concept. 

The work kicks off with 8 Weeks of Bravery, D&G’s tailored immersion practice of onboarding and strategizing with new clients. The new brand launch is targeted to go live in Q2 of this year.         

“Our aim is to work with brands and institutions that have heart and soul and aspirations to impact the future of our world in unbelievable new ways, and do so with style,” said Winfree. “Fabric fits that bill in spades. These guys are mathemagicians with a punk rock attitude. We’re incredibly proud of what they’re setting out to achieve and even prouder of our partnership. With AI at our front door and quantum computing not far behind, it’s their technology that will bring a level of confidence and security to the wild wild west of the digital universe.” 


Procera Gin

Founded in 2018, Procera Gin was created to bring the very best of Africa to the world. Proudly distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, Procera is an award-winning, ultra-premium blend of a dozen botanicals all sourced from the African continent. Unlike the dried juniper used by most gin brands, Procera uses fresh – never dried – juniper giving a true sense of African terroir.  

A commitment to sustainability is at the core of Procera’s mission. The brand has partnered with the Kijabe Forest Trust, an organization founded to protect the native forest of Kijabe, where much of the juniper is sourced. In addition, the Distillery has implemented a pioneering zero wastewater system, sources ingredients only from local farmers; and it’s unique, recycled, hand-blown glass bottle is created by local artisans. 

“Procera, like Fabric, is an emerging brand pushing its category forward with style and humanity. Gin is a 300+ yar old category that has never been represented by this part of the world,” said Winfree. “To taste Procera is to experience the terroir of Africa and gin in its freshest form. That’s a disruption that is having an impact not only on the gin category but also the region where it’s produced.”                      

The brand’s vision is for the world to realize that the unparalleled sun and terroir of Kijabe creates the perfect juniper berry from which to craft gin – and that “African Fresh Gin” will become a designated category only made possible by use of fresh African Juniper and botanicals. And further assuring the future of the Kijabe forest and reforestation across the Kenya highlands.  

Procera Gin is set to kick off its refined brand identity and creative in New York City this fall.  

“As the world continues to evolve at an exponential rate, so must the industry and society around us. We are looking to partner with people and brands who share the same values for transformative change and sustainable impact,” added Angelo. “Those who see value not just by the things they create, but for the effect it truly has on the lives of others and their communities. A firm belief that doing good for the world is also good for business.”

Reel 360 News wishes DnG all the best and great seats at the Nets in Brooklyn.

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