David&Goliath takes July to work remotely

(Courtesy D&G)

Can you believe it’s July? Seriously. What happened? Can we go on vacation? Take off Friday? The team at David&Goliath thinks so. The agency has now launched an exciting new initiative called “Blue Sky July” that promotes a positive work-life balance in an evolving hybrid workspace.

Currently, David&Goliath operates on a hybrid model where employees work from the office two days a week. With Blue Sky July, employees will have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world every July for the entire month, creating their own office without walls.

“Blue Sky July is a picture-perfect way to celebrate our Brave culture and philosophy. As an agency that inspires our people and brands to always dream higher, to swing for the fence behind the fence, Blue Sky July is a fitting extension of that philosophy. Our agency has the opportunity to experience a work/life balance in a completely different environment – from a bamboo forest in South Korea to Tenaya Creek at Yosemite to Diablo Lake in Washington Park, the sky’s the limit. And who knows what inspiration and perspective will come from that,” David Angelo, D&G founder and creative chairman told Reel 360 News.


While maintaining David&Goliath’s culture and connection, employees will experience a new setting and a chance to immerse themselves in different cultures, languages, and customs, pulling inspiration and new perspectives into their work.

For the entire month, the agency will feature travel experiences and adventures from the team on their Instagram feed @davidandgoliath— whether their employees are concepting ideas from the top of El Capitan or joining meetings from the beaches of Panama. 

This is an agency to work for.

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