David&Goliath hit new terrain in Kia Soul spot


Did not see that coming, Kia. Literally.

Since taking the automotive industry by storm when introduced in 2009, the Kia Soul has defined and still dominates the category. That of course had to also do with the advertising which featured the groovy hamsters.

In fact, The Soul has proved so popular that in March of 2018, the one-millionth Soul vehicle in the U.S. was retailed, a testament to the model’s enduring appeal as one of the most versatile vehicles on the road today, endlessly adapting to, and changing with, the lifestyles of those that drive it

So goes the saying, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Now, Kia and AOR David&Goliath are back, and on backs (wink, wink) with a new campaign for the third generation Kia Soul that builds upon the brand’s “Give It Everything” mantra and heralds the arrival of the most adaptable version ever of the brand’s iconic urban runabout.

Set to the head-bobbin’ “Traction Control” by Jason Slack of Grauhaus Music, the spot entitled “The New Species of Soul” is the centerpiece of a multi-faceted campaign starring three unique versions of the Soul model.

It opens with a turbocharged Inferno Red Soul GT-Line speeding down a stark and desolate landscape as the road begins to twist and turn into an ever-tightening spiral.

Later, an Undercover Green Soul X-Line climbs dirt trails in a burnt-orange landscape filled with uneven terrain. And then a Solar Yellow Soul EX Designer Collection Package cruises through a maze of what appear to be skyscrapers.

As the three Souls unite, the various locales are revealed to be a chameleon’s body (yeah, buh-bye Hamsters) with its shifting textures and changing colors just before the larger-than-life lizard slurps up all three Soul models with a satisfied smirk. Yeah, remember the back joke earlier? Watch the spot created by Filfury from The Mill below:

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“We have taken the Soul to an entirely new level by giving it even more of Kia’s ‘Give It Everything’ credo. With the expanded lineup offering more style, utility, technology, comfort and adaptability than ever before, it’s a whole new species of Soul,” said Saad Chehab, vice president, marketing communications, Kia Motors America, adding, “While nearly everything about the Soul is different, this campaign continues the fun and irreverent attitude that turned Soul into an icon over the last decade.”

“No matter what you throw at it, the all-new Soul has you covered. From the rugged X-Line to the turbocharged GT-Line and the head-turning Soul EX Designer Collection Package, Soul’s extreme adaptability makes it the ultimate chameleon,” continued Chehab.

For the third generation, Kia “gave it everything” and poured more of its “soul” into every inch of the vehicle, resulting in rugged performance, thrilling technology and urban practicality, qualities that transcend geography and appeal to drivers of all ages. 

The campaign includes :60-, :30-, and :15-second broadcast versions for general market; and :30- and :15-second versions for the Hispanic market. A multi-channel digital campaign and in-cinema airings beginning in late April, will support the broadcast elements.

The spot is fun, colorful and very Kia. David Angelo, Bobby Pearce, Mark Koelfgen and the rest of the Kia team should be proud.

Client: Kia Motors

Agency: David&Goliath, LA
   Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
   President: Yumi Prentice
   Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pearce
   Executive Creative Director: Mark Koelfgen
   Group Creative Director: Frauke Tiemann
   Associate Creative Director: Chris Mead
   Sr. Art Director: Kristopher Wong
   Sr. Art Director: Gabriel Gama
   Sr. Copywriter: Guilherme Grossi
   Jr. Art Director: Peter Watson
   Copywriter: Caleb Nyberg
   Managing Director of Broadcast Production: Paul Albanese
   Sr. Broadcast Producer: Dustin Oliver
   Associate Director of Project Management: Genie Lara
   Project Manager: Maddy Bendetti
   Managing Director: Jeff Moohr
   Account Director: Aleks Rzeznik
   Digital Management Supervisor: Sarah Masket
   Account Supervisor: Annelise Lorenzo
   Account Executive: Nicole Pressman
   Digital Account Executive: Gabriella Mourad
   Account Coordinator: Sam Borst-Smith
   Product Information Manager: Russ Wortman
   Product Information Manager: Mark McNaul
   Director, Business Affairs: Natasha Royzina
   Associate Business Affairs Manager: Amy Santana

Editorial Company: Mellow Media
   Producer: Dina Oberly
   Executive Producer: Lisa Defalco
   Executive Producer: Rob Mackler
   Production Supervisor: Alicia Haldenwang
   Commercial Coordinator: Cesar Villasenor

VFX Company: The Mill
   Director: Filfury
   Head of Content: Ian Bearce
   Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
   Executive Producer: Pete King
   Senior Producer: Gabriel Blanco
   Associate Producer: James Morse
    Senior Producer, Post: Dan Love
   CG Lead: Matt Fuller
   2nd Lead: Ben Smith
   Production Coordinator: Jena Bodell

Music Composition:
   “Traction Control” by Jason Slack
   Grauhaus Music

Source: Kia Motors