Will Jonah Hill flake on Martin Scorsese in Coke ad?

Oh those dots. You know ’em. And we at Reel 360 hate ’em. The blinking dots of hell that appear on your smartphone when you have texted someone and are waiting – for what seems like an eternity – for a response. That’s what Coca-Cola Energy taps into for a superb Super Bowl spot from director Martin Scorsese (The Irishman) and actor/director Jonah Hill (This is The End, Moneyball, Wolf of Wall Street). Welcome to “Show Up.”

The 60-second spot, from Wieden+Kennedy Portland, shows the two – with a cameo appearance from Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist YBN Cordae – texting back and forth in order to meet each other at a party.

Or will they?

We open with Scorsese feeling clearly out of place at a costume party. He texts Hill, who is chilling on his couch. Cut to Hill lounging on his couch. He gets a text asking if he’s coming. He looks wiped and clearly doesn’t want to go. Scorsese waits as he sees the dots of a pending text, which never seem to come.

It morphs into a TMZ-like news story as the dots appear everywhere. A reporter wonders, “Is Jonah Hill going to flake out on Martin Scorsese? The world wants to know.” Watch the :60-second spot from Smith and Jones director Ulf Johansson below:

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The brand will host ‘Show Up Monday’ the day following the game. This could be one of Reel 360’s top spots.


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SOURCE: The Drum

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