Lidl debunks suspiciously low prices conspiracy

(New Lidl work from VMLY&R)

Lidl U.S. is a more recent newcomer to the American grocery scene and has been expanding through the market at a rapid rate which landed them as number one on NRF Hot 100 Retailers list of the fastest-growing retail companies

“Shoppers have great enthusiasm for Lidl because our approach removes complexity and makes quality more attainable,” said Matthias Kympers, Head of Marketing at Lidl US.

The new spots, titled “suspiciously low-priced groceries” are an ode to a new brand with a bold value proposition, humorously acknowledging the natural human tendency to question anything one has not experienced before. The ads are designed to show customers that while Lidl prices are ‘suspiciously low,’ Lidl does not compromise on its high quality standards.

The brand worked with VMLY&R, creative AOR since November 2020, to launch the series with fun characters who don’t shy away from sharing their suspicions about Lidl’s high quality and low prices. All while being debunked by the facts.

The spots are filled with honesty, frankness and humor, speaking to the everyday Lidl customers. Watch the new effort, directed by Picrow’s by Fatel Farm below:

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“As we continue to introduce ourselves to new communities in the US, we want to communicate our concept and value proposition in a way that is fun, memorable and relatable to shoppers. We had a lot of fun making these ads, and we hope they achieve that.” “The grocery category in the U.S. is super crowded, and hyper-competitive,” said Noel Cottrell, chief creative officer, VMLY&R.

He adds, “We wanted to create a standout factor as Lidl continues to introduce its concept to new communities. Their quality is amazing, and their prices are unbeatable. Advertising for grocery stores in the U.S. is traditionally just pack and price, ‘Suspiciously low-priced groceries’ is something fun, and a little different for our new brave global client.“

VMLY&R has Lidl relationships through their global network, including in the U.S., Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Germany and Romania.

They have announced further acceleration of its U.S. growth strategy, investing over $500 million with plans to open 50 new stores by the end of 2021 creating 2,000+ new jobs.

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The campaign successfully taps into the conspiracy-laden zeitgeist that we currently find ourselves in with humor and a wink.



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