Wells Fargo Advisors takes second guessing out

1+ Wells Fargo Advisors has recently launched a new campaign, encouraging investors to consider the company for personal investment planning advice. Amidst what has been a turbulent 12 months in the marketplace, now, more than ever, many consumers are facing confusion around their investing decisions. A financial advisor from Wells Fargo Advisors can help investors … Continue reading “Wells Fargo Advisors takes second guessing out”

Craig Robinson goes waay back in Pizza Hut campaign

2+ Remember going to Pizza Hut as a kid? The glorious aroma of pizza enveloped you as you were led to a classic red booth decked out in a red and white checkered tablecloth under the cozy glow of a stained-glass Tiffany-style lamp. You’d score some quarters to play an arcade game as you waited … Continue reading “Craig Robinson goes waay back in Pizza Hut campaign”

New AICP Awards unveils ‘Craft That Endures’ films

2+ How do you mark an epic anniversary that celebrates a combined 65 years of achievement in advertising in the moving image, while simultaneously challenging the industry to share in the warm spotlight of achievement? If you’re AICP, you do what comes naturally: you create content. In this case, the content in question are spirited, … Continue reading “New AICP Awards unveils ‘Craft That Endures’ films”

Zoe Saldana joins Snoop, Bad Bunny for a Corona

1+ Working towards a ‘better you’ shouldn’t have to feel like work. As the new face of Corona Premier, the 90-calorie light beer from Corona, international star and advocate for Hispanic voices, Guardians of the Galaxy’s and Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana, will join the Corona cast to represent a La Vida Más Fina perspective on wellness.  … Continue reading “Zoe Saldana joins Snoop, Bad Bunny for a Corona”

Lidl debunks suspiciously low prices conspiracy

1+ Lidl U.S. is a more recent newcomer to the American grocery scene and has been expanding through the market at a rapid rate which landed them as number one on NRF Hot 100 Retailers list of the fastest-growing retail companies.  “Shoppers have great enthusiasm for Lidl because our approach removes complexity and makes quality more … Continue reading “Lidl debunks suspiciously low prices conspiracy”

You won’t regret watching Amerisave’s first campaign

1+ I most definitely have regrets like getting blacklisted from Instagram for showing the Marvel fanfare opening… for 3 days… a possible drunk pee into a garbage can in a Wrigley Field men’s room that led to my expulsion. There are others I won’t get into. Enough about me. How about you? Any regrets? One … Continue reading “You won’t regret watching Amerisave’s first campaign”

Dunkin’s new NHL ad plays in a bubble

1+ Last season, like the NBA, the NHL played a partial season in a bubble. So, here we have a case of art imitating life as a new campaign from Dunkin’ and their creative partner BBDO also takes place in a bubble… an ice hockey arcade bubble. If you’ve ever wondered what NHL superstars David … Continue reading “Dunkin’s new NHL ad plays in a bubble”

Tide gets a little dirty with Jason Alexander

1+ Tide, the official laundry detergent of the NFL, is back with another Super Bowl ad – this time with the help of legendary comedian and actor, Jason Alexander. This year’s :60-second spot, at a cost of $11 million, will challenge people to think about all the situations they subject their clothes to on a … Continue reading “Tide gets a little dirty with Jason Alexander”

Angry Orchard offends onlookers with “S” word

1+ Sweet’ certainly isn’t the “F” word. But these days, it’s looking like it’s a kind of “S” word. In fact, sweetness has been so vilified, some might even be afraid to admit their sweet preference. Angry Orchard drinkers, however, embrace the sweetness. While many brands use sweetness that is far too cloying, the natural … Continue reading “Angry Orchard offends onlookers with “S” word”

Dewar’s Whisky wants the world to Stay Curious

1+ Back in 1846, John Dewar and Sons set out to craft the world’s best Scotch whisky from their tiny copper-filled distillery in Perth, Scotland. Instead of following in other’s footsteps, the inventive lads endlessly explored and experimented before discovering a new, previously unheard-of blending process called “double-aging.” This innovative process not only gave their … Continue reading “Dewar’s Whisky wants the world to Stay Curious”

Pringles turns up heat with new Scorchin’ Snacks

1+ For the first time, Pringles is launching a collection of spicy crisps for heat-loving snack fans this week along with a humorous new TV commercial from Grey New York. This is our Reel Ad of the Week because, well it deserves it. Fans who crave uncomfortable heat will find it can bring uncomfortable This … Continue reading “Pringles turns up heat with new Scorchin’ Snacks”

American Family Insurance wants fams to live safely

1+ In a time of financial and other uncertainty, American Family Insurance wants to help consumers save money and proactively protect what matters most – their dreams. Since the onset of the pandemic, Americans have been driving less and looking for ways to save. American Family Insurance was  the first insurance company to help by … Continue reading “American Family Insurance wants fams to live safely”

Timber has a busy summer with Burnett, Mazda

2+ Even with an ongoing pandemic, the visual effects & design team at Timber had a busy summer collaborating with Leo Burnett. Detroit and Garage Team Mazda. The effects house worked closely with agency creatives at Burnett on a recent Buick commercial, featuring Amazon’s Alexa. Unveiling the first-ever Buick Encore GX SUV with available Alexa … Continue reading “Timber has a busy summer with Burnett, Mazda”

AICP Equity & Inclusion Committee sets agenda

1+ AICP’s Equity & Inclusion Committee, launched as part of the association’s Commitment to Drive Change initiative, has announced its roster of members and established its working agenda as it moves to help the industry cast a wider net for talent, create opportunities for mentorship and advancement for people of color and establish hiring practices … Continue reading “AICP Equity & Inclusion Committee sets agenda”

Saquon Barkley stars in new Oikos Triple Zero campaign

1+ As the NFL nears what is surely to be a strange season due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are beginning to see the league’s stars appear in new advertising. Building on the success of its Super Bowl LIV (‘#YoGlutes’) and NFL Draft (‘Flex Your Cryceps’) ads, Oikos Triple Zero is releasing two new, hilariously relatable … Continue reading “Saquon Barkley stars in new Oikos Triple Zero campaign”

Gustafson most awarded editor at AICP Awards

1+ Winners of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the Commercial were presented awards tonight at a special virtual premiere held in lieu of the annual gala premiere at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), due to the coronavirus pandemic. Together with the AICP Next Awards, which were presented online on June 16th, … Continue reading “Gustafson most awarded editor at AICP Awards”

Cutters’ Gustafson wins 4 AICP Post Awards for Jeep

1+ The 2020 AICP Post Awards winners, honoring excellence in a range of post production arts, were revealed tonight during a special virtual premiere held online, in keeping with social distancing initiatives driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tonight’s presentation is the second of three virtual celebrations that comprise AICP Week – which led off with … Continue reading “Cutters’ Gustafson wins 4 AICP Post Awards for Jeep”

Wieden, PRETTYBIRD, BBDO among AICP online panels

1+ Wieden+Kennedy, PRETTYBIRD, BBDO, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Arcade Edit and SMUGGLER are among the notable panels being planned for the AICP Shortlist Series on Creativity and Collaboration. Each panel will focus on a piece that appears multiple times on the shortlists across all shows. All three of the AICP Awards Shows -the AICP Next Awards, … Continue reading “Wieden, PRETTYBIRD, BBDO among AICP online panels”

The Motaur is back in new Progressive spot from Arnold

1+ The Motaur – the mythical half-man, half-motorcycle – rides again for in a new :30-second Progressive debuting today.  Called, ‘Herd,’ the effort is a visual manifestation of the core customer insight that motorcyclists often feel at one with their bikes, the Motaur is a way for Progressive to celebrate this often misunderstood community of … Continue reading “The Motaur is back in new Progressive spot from Arnold”

2020 AICP Awards release short list

2+ Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP, today announced the release of the shortlists for the 2020 AICP Awards – the AICP Post Awards, the AICP Next Awards and the AICP Show @MoMA. Winners in each of these three strategically-aligned competitions for excellence will be revealed during a series of free virtual premieres set … Continue reading “2020 AICP Awards release short list”