NAPA, VMLY&R create calming playlist for drivers

(NAPA launches soothing playlist)

Calming playlists and mindfulness apps helped get us through 2020. The demand for de-stressing apps surged during the last 12 months as the world navigated one crisis after another. Now, our friends at VMLY&R and client NAPA Auto Parts have discovered a hole in the marketplace for overstressed car-lovers or anybody who uses their car to feel relaxed/escape.

They have launched ‘Auto Ambiance.’ A playlist featuring a dozen relaxing vehicle-themed tracks.

The relaxing playlist features everything from the soothing hum of tires on the highway to an idling V8 engine to a sports car manually shifting through a winding road. There’s something insanely relaxing about being in your car (minus L.A. traffic).

It provides solitude and peace. Whether you’re a car lover or not, people drive their young children around in cars to get them to go to sleep, people take conference calls in their cars to escape their teenagers. NAPA’s Auto Ambiance is a celebration of all the calms that our cars bring us. Listen below:

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“NAPA’s relentless pursuit of the highest quality of service to our passionate DIY customers comes in many different forms, said Marc Suszynski, Director of Marketing Programs, NAPA Auto Parts. 

He adds, “We realized, like most of the country, our levels of stress because of the pandemic were off the charts.  And we uncovered that what relieves stress for auto enthusiast like us, were not the waves breaking off the coast of Maine, but the calming sounds of the automobile on the open road, or the peaceful tranquility realized by the rain falling on the windshield.  That’s why we created the Audio Ambiance playlist, to give our customers a bit of calmness in the chaos of our current circumstances.”

Top-performing wellness apps such as Calm received as much as a 250% increase in downloads since the pandemic started in March 2020. Even CNN was getting into the action with Calm being one of the main sponsors of their election coverage. 

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It is available to download on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and YouTube. Get driving. And enjoy the ride.



  • Marti Walsh – Vice President of Marketing
  • Marc Susyznski – Director of Marketing Programs


  • Debbi Vandeven – Global Chief Creative Officer
  • John Godsey – Chief Creative Officer, North America
  • Noel Cottrell – Chief Creative Officer, Kansas City
  • Derek Clark – Executive Creative Director
  • Dan Gier – Group Creative Director
  • Austin Ridling – Associate Creative Director
  • Jonathan Vigliaturo – Associate Creative Director
  • Jake Scovell – Art Director
  • Bryan McDonnell – Copywriter
  • Kara Nelson – Group Director, Client Engagement
  • Bailey Lang – Director, Client Engagement
  • Jenny Weissbeck – Account Manager, Client Engagement
  • Emily Dore – Group Director, Strategy & Insights
  • Meg Moore – Associate Director, Strategy & Insights
  • Rachel Hostetler – Connections Supervisor
  • Chris Jones – Connections Manager


  • Jim Leonard – Senior Producer
  • Carleen O’Brien – Production Business Manager


  • Patrick Meagher – Sound Designer
  • John Blank – Sound Designer