Ford launches AR experience for all-electric Mustang

(BBDO creates new AR experience for Ford Mustang)

Ford, along with creative partner BBDO, have just launched an exciting new AR experience to help bring consumers up close and virtual with the first-ever all-electric Mustang—the Mustang Mach-E. Which is kind of badass for a badass new Mustang.

Augmented Reality is transforming the way consumers are experiencing products. In fact, recent surveys highlight that nearly half of millennials in the U.S. would prefer an augmented reality experience of a product to help them make purchases ahead of the holiday season.

Now, consumers can experience the vehicle like they would have never imagined with “Expert in 0-60,” a 10-episode, audio guided augmented reality series narrated by members of the Ford Mustang Mach-E team that brings the SUV inside customers’ homes or anywhere.

The new immersive approach is just one way that the brand is innovating to adapt to today’s largely virtual economy.

Brief overview on each episode is below:

  • Episode 1, The Pony: Celebrate heritage and Mustang spirit (Jason Castriota, Global Brand Director)
  • Episode 2, Interior: Explore the sleek, modern interior design (Rachel Rachael Robinson, Interior Design Manager)
  • Episode 3, Mustang SUV: Conquer the open road, with the Mustang SUV + (put these in separate bullets)
  • Episode 4, Exterior: Uncover the iconic, uniquely Mustang, exterior design (Chris Walter, Exterior Design Manager)
  • Episode 5, SYNC 4A: Tap into the connected capabilities of the next generation of SYNC (Hussein Husein Dakroub, SYNC Software Supervisor)
  • Episode 6, Range: Get up close and virtual to Mustang Mach-E’s power source (Bob Taenaka, Senior Technical Leader, Battery and Cell System Development)
  • Episode 7, Charging: Discover easy charging at home and convenient fast charging on the road (Sarah Kemppainen, Associate Director, Charging)
  • Episode 8, Power: Dive into the power, of an all-electric performance (Robert Iorio, Vehicle Engineering Manager)
  • Episode 9, OTAs Software: Unlock the power of over-the-air software updates (Mark Spain, Software OTA Evangelist)
  • Episode 10, Innovation: Get a closer look at cutting edge features (Darren Palmer, Global Director, Battery Electric Vehicles)

Here are a few of the lenses on Ford’s Instagram  from a mobile device.

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And, watch the rest  HERE on Reel’s YouTube Channel.

Unlike other AR experiences, “Expert in 0-60,” encourages viewers to move around the vehicle, while experts suggest the best vantage points to view each feature. Users can hear about the design inspiration, explore inside the vehicle’s cabin and even see the Mustang Mach-E shoot off the line in a 0-60mph demonstration.

In addition to reaching people in their homes, this series will be actively used by Ford’s 2,100+ EV certified dealers across the U.S. as a tool to show the vehicle without any physical Mach-E’s on their lots.

Joe Fox, Associate Creative Director, BBDO NY had this to say: “The storytelling aspect of this AR experience is what sets it apart. Beyond just seeing the vehicle, we want to guide you around it. Harnessing the passion of Ford experts to create interactive stories that elevate Expert in 0-60 beyond just a visual experience.”

His partner, Ricky Bowry, Associate Creative Director, adds; “Combining high fidelity 3D modeling, animation and audio had never been attempted within Facebook and Instagram AR. But with every new challenge, the team found an innovative solution that helped realize our creative vision.”


CLIENT: Ford Motor Company // Mustang Mach-E

Campaign Title: Mustang Mach-E Expert in 0-60


  • Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
  • Executive Creative Director: Philip Sicklinger
  • Executive Creative Director: Alex Booker
  • Associate Creative Director: Ricky Bowry
  • Associate Creative Director: Joe Fox
  • Associate Creative Director: Jennifer Neff
  • Art Director: Jake Boeve
  • Junior Copywriter: Georgia Murphy
  • Junior Art Director: Sabrina Ghantous
  • EVP, NA Business Lead: Joe DiMeglio
  • Senior Vice President, Group Account Director: Liz Boone
  • Account Director: Cara Duffy
  • Senior Project Manager: Dan Brown
  • EVP, Group Executive Producer: Diane Hill
  • Head of Digital Production: James Young
  • Senior Interactive Producer: Danielle Amico
  • Digital Studio Manager: Jimmy McGee
  • Associate Art Producer: Lizzy Lehn
  • Business Manager: Grace Kelly
  • Video Editor/Motion Designer: Barry Harbour
  • Production Design Lead: Ray McGale
  • Creative Director, Design: Brian Bowman
  • Developer: Mike Bodge
  • Planner: Philip De Meulemeester
  • Production Services Director: Jess Nugent
  • PR Agency: Ketchum

PR AGENCY: Ketchum