Apple and that whole ‘Working-from-home-thing’

(Reel Ad of the Week)

Apple has released a sequel to its popular 2019 ad “Underdogs.” And it is great. Titled, “The Whole Working-from-Home-Thing” features the ‘dogs attempting to work on a project remotely complete with all the hilarious frustrations, responsibilities and oops that come along with it. All the while, seamlessly weaving in how Apple’s products help.

After reintroducing us to The Underdogs (Is that Anthony Edwards?) in their homes, the 6:55 minute film (really a short film) has them tasked with a project mysteriously titled ‘Project Pandora’s Box.’

Like their previous assignment, their deadline is tight and the budget is ridiculously low (don’t we all know that?). And for shits and giggles, it all needs to be planned from each worker’s home.

Once director Mark Molloy, from SMUGGLER , gets into the spot, it turns into hilarity as the four work tirelessly to impress Vivienne their boss. Filmed in the style of a sitcom, the team sets about navigating her arduous request.

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The chaotic process and the conflict of home life vs. work life is exaggerated, fun and true. But, it strikes a very real note for those of us forced to have home offices.

There are many product shots and demonstrations, but they’re weaved into the story seamlessly. Other brands pop up too, such as Adobe’s InDesign software and a crisp pair of Nike trainers.

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Take a good seven minutes out of your day to watch this.

Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1