Whitney Cummings & Annovera celebrate Vagina Appreciation Day

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On April 23rd, Vagina Appreciation Day, Annovera, the birth control ring that literally goes in your vagina & Whitney Cummings the brand’s sexy, open and un-apologetic spokeswoman, would like to officially and unapologetically declare that vaginas are amazing.  And women should never have to apologize on behalf of them. 

Since, well, forever women have expressed that the birth control category doesn’t work for them. And the brand believes it’s time for women (and their vaginas) to stop apologizing for who they are and what they want. So they can focus less on birth control and more on being their most authentic selves.    

To celebrate, the brand has launched a social campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Watch below:

This new effort lives under the overarching brand campaign of “I Un-Apologize.” While last year’s VAD campaign “Please Come” celebrated Vagina Appreciation Day with an orgasm, this year’s campaign empowers women to take back all the times they’ve said sorry or felt embarrassed on behalf of their vagina….with an “un-apology.” Watch below:

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“We are extremely excited to launch this new work on behalf of Annovera. It couldn’t be timelier as we think about the current mindset of women and how we continue to connect with them in a relevant way as a brand. Our latest work not only continues to break down barriers in identifying a birth control that’s right for her reproductive life stage, but further empowers her in her reproductive health…something that we live in our organizational values: High Standards, Empowerment, and Respect,” says Kristen Landon, Senior Vice President of Marketing at TherapeuticsMD.

The social campaign kicks off tomorrow.


CLIENT: Annovera/TherapueticsMD

  • Kristen Landon, Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Tom Moody, Executive Director, Reproductive Health Marketing
  • Jennifer Salokar, Associate Product Manager, Reproductive Health


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  • Whitney’s Hair: Jess Switzer
  • Whitney’s Makeup: Nova Kaplan
  • Whitney’s Stylist: Tara Swennen

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