The Glenlivet knocks down barriers in new spot

For the first time, The Glenlivet will air on cable TV with its ‘Original Since 1824’ ad. Starring a female lead, the effort demonstrates how The Glenlivet has been breaking traditions in the Single Malt category since 1824, with an ambition of challenging the status quo to set new standards in the world of whisky.

Created by Crispin, Porter and Bogusky London, the ad showcases how The Glenlivet has challenged traditions over the course of time – pushing single malt scotch into the modern era.

The opening scene sees George Smith back in 1824 in Scotland, establishing himself as an original thinker and defining the Speyside style of whisky, where The Glenlivet began.

Viewers are then transported to the US during the 1920’s where The Glenlivet was one of the first single malt Scotches shipped to the country prior to Prohibition. The ad also takes a playful look at the failure of Prohibition to repress alcohol consumption in the United States.

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Fast forward to the 1950s, where The Glenlivet was part of a movement to try to break the stereotype of Scotch being seen as a drink enjoyed exclusively by older, white, wealthy men. The viewer then heads to the 1980s to see the shock and outrage adding ice to single malt was causing amongst traditional whisky drinkers.

The final scene sees The Glenlivet today taking Scotch out of the home and office environment and setting new standards in bars across the world, inviting all adults to enjoy single malt whisky as part of a cocktail in a social setting.

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The bold, vibrant and high-energy ad takes viewers on a journey through the brand’s pioneering heritage and showcases its history of progression by bringing its first female lead to the forefront of the commercial.

SOURCE: MediaMonks