P&G asks White America to choose anti-racism

“Being white in America is not needing to state your life matters,” a new and striking Procter & Gamble spot reads. “And when your life matters, you have power. Now is the time to use it.” The Cincinnati-based brand has released a powerful spot, called “The Choice.” Targeted at White America, the 1:15 ad asks them to use their privilege to actively fight racism and become an “Anti-racist.”

Developed as a joint venture between Grey NY and Cartwright, Keith Cartwright’s newly formed WPP agency, the creative debuted on the Oprah-hosted CBS special Where Do We Go From Here that focuses on the civil unrest that’s emerged following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

The effort builds on the P&G’s prior messaging around race, “The Talk” and “The Look,” which also aired during the Oprah town hall and on Justice For All, a different CBS special anchored by Gayle King. Here are the original spots:

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The tight 1 minute and 15 second video nods to the Black Lives Matter movement and emphasizes that white individuals not personally being racist is not enough to create real change. The spot urges viewers to participate in actions that can spread the word to others, such as marching, donating and voting.

“The Choice” ends by directing viewers to a section of P&G’s website created earlier this month that provides resources for tackling racism. Watch below:

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“The Choice” arrives as part of P&G’s most concentrated effort yet to combat bias. Damon Jones, P&G’s global communications chief, told the Cincinnati Business Courier the company is enacting a multimillion dollar advertising push that, over the next month, will also include underwriting two films by the Queen Collective on BET, Gloves off and Tangled Roots, as well as sponsoring a Time 100 Talks virtual event titled Equality at a Tipping Point.

Jones says, “We hope to inspire the silent majority to not only serve as allies but as advocates and activists in the fight for equality.” 

SOURCE: Marketing Dive