New fragrance embodies Mardi Gras King Cake

King Cake
(Courtesy PeterMayer)

Today is Fat Tuesday, the kick-off of Mardi Gras, the most famous party in New Orleans and quite frankly for anyone who loves debauchery and fun. The Reel 360 News Team sure does! In between the half-naked parades, layers of beads and Hurricanes and Drunk Grasshoppers, there is King Cake.

What’s King Cake you ask? For the uneducated and untasted (if that is a word) a King Cake comes from the Biblical story of the three kings who brought gifts to Baby Jesus. It’s an alluring blend of coffee, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla cake and cinnamon roll. The cake is usually iced in yellow, green and purple – the colors of Mardi Gras — and is frequently packed with fruit fillings and decadent cream cheeses.

Yum! This sounds great for our palettes and now there is something even better for our olfactories.

Now, our friends at PeterMayer have designed a scented take on Mardi Gras with the parfumerie Tijon. No, it does not smell like sadness, vomit and booze. It smells like King Cake. This is Le Bébé, Eau de Parfum. The name refers to the plastic infant floating somewhere in each king cake. A little morbid, but hey, it’s NOLA.

Cara Benson, John Berglund creating Le Bébé

Master baker Cara Benson, owner of Tartine bakery, also helped create the scent. The fragrance has hints of “cinnamon and buttery pastry and is intended to evoke the warmth of a bakery when fresh cakes come sliding out of the oven,” said its creators.

The spot is filmed like your stereotypical fragrance ad, throwing sexy superlatives at us like “desire” and “temptation.” But then we swerve and are hit with words such as “carbs.” Take a look below:


“Yes, a perfume that smells like king cake, burlesque and the French Quarter. Who could ask for anything more relevant this Carnival season?” PeterMayer CCO Matt Kuttan shares, adding, “Yes, you can have your cake and smell like it too.”

Heather Mitchell, Executive Producer/Partner at Utopic, added, “How about we loved partnering with Peter Mayer to create such a fun spot. Suzie had a lot of creative freedom and the result is fantastic.”

The Reel 360 News Team can’t wait to apply the fragrance of King Cake behind our ears and on our wrists. The clear crystal bottle is available for purchase at Tijon in New Orleans and at a dedicated webpage through Mardi Gras Day on Feb. 21.



Parfumer: John Berglund

AGENCY: PeterMayer

  • Writer: Craig Moyer
  • Art Director: Jamie Muller
  • Producer: Alexis Vicknair
  • CD: Richard Landry
  • CCO: Matt Kuttan

EDIT: Utopic

  • Editor: Suzie Moore 
  • Executive Producer: Heather Mitchell

Baker: Cara Benson @Tartine
Model: Trixie Minx @ Trixie Minx Burlesque

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