New BBDO Group Russia OLV addresses fear of heights


Got a fear of heights? Turn to the next article now. Still here? Okay. You were warned. Proximity Russia, a part of BBDO Group, and MediaWise agencies have launched an OLV powered by high-octane creative for Clarins, a French luxury skin care, cosmetics and perfume company.

Let’s cut to the chase – the spot is awe-inspiring, jaw dropping and scary AF. We follow a group of millennials parkouring their way through the city on skyscapers. The Reel 360 team assumed its CGI, but Russians are tough. So course it’s all live action.

According to Proximity, the advertising idea uses messages addressed to our reptilian brain (R-complex), stimulating our instincts to communicate. You literally feel this AD with your skin.

“Our ad puts the viewer in a very risky high altitude situation,” explains the team. “Normally in this situation we get nervous, our body temperature rises, so our hands and feet get wet to take the heat away and balance the temperature. All of this is happening automatically. It’s done by relic part of the brain which sort of rules all vegetative nervous system.” 

The timing of the ad is interesting as people under lockdown are feeling a bit bored and under-stimulated, so this could be a much-needed jolt of excitement. However, the ad was actually shot before lockdown hit Russia – but the high octane thrill has proven to be popular with viewers bored of earnest entreaties from brands.

We did. Watch below, if you dare:

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As mentioned, the daredevil stunts have all been shot live action. “These are real people and situations – no CGI. Actually, it’s the same guy in all the shots. You’ve probably heard expression ‘crazy Russian’ before, so, he is a good example of that. He does this kind of stuff for fun and sticks it to his Instagram. We got in touch with him and asked for his support,” explains the team at Proximity Russia. 

The spot immediately went viral in social media which is understandable why as the stunts compete with a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible effort. Sheesh.


CLIENT: Clarins Russia

AGENCY: Proximity Russia

MEDIA: MediaWise

SOURCE: BBDO Group Russia