IKEA wants Russians to find the joy in lockdown

If you’re going to stay in, you might as well stay in with style. Or to the Reel 360 team… a little excitement? That’s why IKEA has elevated the humble living room den with a new content campaign from Russian agency Instinct, part of the BBDO Group.

With parents struggling to combine full-time work with home schooling and entertaining the kids, it’s a smart idea that should keep children entertained. And for adults, with or without kids, who doesn’t want to snuggle into a fantasy fortress and forget the real world for an hour or four?

The social campaign depicts a series of elaborate dens, ranging from a wigwam to a full-on castle – all made from tables, lamp post, cushions and blankets available from IKEA.

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The campaign comes just as Russia experiences its Covid-19 peak, though government recently announced that it would be easing some restrictions. 

SOURCE: BBDO Russia Group