Mulan’s Rotten Tomato Score has been revealed

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Mulan, which we have covered pretty extensively here at Reel 360 is now available on Disney+. Rather, Disney+ Premium. So, here is the big question – is the live-action remake of the 1991 animated classic worth $29.99? Well, the critics have has their say and that means we have a Rotten Tomatoes score for Mulan. With 149 published reviews, the film sits at 81%.

According to the Critics Consensus, “It could have told its classic story with greater depth, but the live-action Mulan is a visual marvel that serves as a stirring update to its animated predecessor.”

Here’s what some of the critics say:

Is This One of the Better Disney Remakes?

Mulan is the best of the live-action remakes so far.
– Kaitlyn Booth, Bleeding Cool

[It] knocks previous remakes of beloved Disney animated classics off their magic carpets…. thus far, Mulan is simply the best.
– Nancy Wang Yuen, io9

Easily one of Disney’s best live-action adaptations of their own animated catalog that unquestionably justifies its existence.
– Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

It’s easily one of their most accomplished and affecting efforts to date.
– Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

Does it Improve Upon the Original?

Unlike so many of these “re-imaginings” from Disney, nearly every aspect of this live-action rendition is an enhancement from its predecessor.
– Don Shanahan, 25YL

I’ll admit I like this version of Mulan more than the cartoon one. There’s no silly talking animal sidekicks or concessions to a kiddie audience.
– Christopher Lloyd, The Film Yap

Mulan manages to stand apart as its own thing. However, it still lacks a bit of the spirit that made the original film special.
– Adriana Gomez-Weston, The Cinema Soloist

With a longer run time and facing challenges in the storyline’s delivery, it feels a little like a dulled facsimile of a crisp original.
– Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction

Will Fans be Upset by the Changes?

Characters recite entire lyrics in scenes from which songs have been removed. While those lines might sound natural when sung, they’re clunky when spoken.
– Karen Han, Polygon

I had no realization of how much those catchy tunes were deeply rooted in character development and story building until they were erased.
– Christie Cronan, Raising Whasians

[It’s] a bit of a shame, frankly: The stiffly earnest script could have used a little more showbiz pizzazz.
– Justin Chang, NPR

You can’t say it’s not trying to do something new. And some of what it’s doing works quite well.
– Angie Han, Mashable

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How is the Humor?

Humor was such an intricate part of the animated movie… but there was not one moment where I laughed in this film.
– Christie Cronan, Raising Whasians

None of the few comedic beats work. The action is so cartoonish that a bit of humor would’ve gone a long way.
– Rendy Jones, Rendy Reviews

Mulan is serious verging on dour, so bent on presenting itself as a serious war drama that its rare moments of comedy feel almost awkwardly slotted in.
– Hoai-Tran Bui, Slashfilm

What About the Action?

Mulan is a film bolstered by a series of jaw-dropping, wuxia-inflected fighting sequences that are genuinely thrilling… a true action epic.
– Kate Erbland, IndieWire

Some of the early wire-work seems a bit janky, but like Mulan herself, it finds its footing in battle and thrilling action set-pieces.
– Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

The wuxia-inspired action sequences are unlike anything we’ve seen in other Disney blockbusters, and add a touch of unpredictability to an otherwise staid picture.
– Angie Han, Mashable

Too much parkour-type stuff for my taste, but I’m impressed by the sheer scale of the choreography and pageantry, which is positively Kurosawa-esque at times.
– Christopher Lloyd, The Film Yap

Recently, it was confirmed that Mulan will arrive on Disney+ for free on December 4th, so it will be interesting to see how many fans decide they want to pay for the movie this weekend.

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Will you purchase Mulan on Disney+ or wait for the free version in December?

SOURCE: Rotten Tomatoes