Monster leaves old ways of working behind


The workforce, and workplace, have changed forever. Long commutes and inflexible work hours look like remnants from an ancient past. Monster’s latest brand campaign, created by our friends at Arnold Worldwide, taps into the sentiment that the old ways of working are relics from the Dark Ages and a new era of job search has begun. One that offers job seekers more control over how and where they find the right fit.

Millennials and Gen Z represent the majority of workers in the U.S., and their work philosophy is changing the workplace landscape dramatically. According to Monster’s Future of Work 2022 report, 43% of workers say having meaningful work is a top factor driving their career choice. Remote jobs remain the number one search performed on and today’s seekers are in a powerful position. The new campaign leans into this cultural truth to position Monster as the modern destination for the modern job seeker.

“The past two years have forced a lifetime of progress,” said Elliott Seaborn, global chief marketing officer at Monster. “The definition of what constitutes the right job fit has changed for people, and candidates are now elevating those opportunities that best align with their lifestyles, their values, and their priorities. If the old ways of working are no longer working, then it is time to usher in a new day of job search and make history of any obstacles that stand in the way of peoples’ happiness. Our partners at Arnold Worldwide helped us create a monstrous moment to reintroduce the brand and speak to today’s job seeker – with the witty tone that embodies our brand culture.”

The REEL AD OF THE WEEK creative starts with two TV spots, which contrast today’s career considerations in the setting of the Dark Ages.  The spots talk directly to millennial and Gen Z candidates and validate the future-of-work issues many are grappling with today:

“Junior Scribe” underlines how being undervalued is history with a “junior scribe” who is asked to milk a goat for his supervisor’s coffee. Watch below:

“Fulfillment Center” features staff on a renaissance assembly line, discussing raises and how to address their medieval boss, as Monster highlights that mediocre pay is history.

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“It’s amazing how much the work world has changed in just a few short years,” said Sean McBride, Chief Creative Officer, Arnold Worldwide. “Things we took as standard practice now seem like relics from the dark ages. Monster is the original disrupter in the category, we’re so glad to get the chance to partner with them to reignite their category-challenging ways.”

Together, both creative spots reposition Monster and capitalize on modern-day optimism, lean into humor, and remind audiences of a truth we might have forgotten: we all deserve a job we want. And at Monster, we can find it.

Plus, they are entertaining as hell.

In addition to linear TV, the new campaign will launch with radio, digital, display, social and OOH placements



  • Elliott Seaborn – Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Elizabeth Koplan – Vice President, Communications and Brand
  • Kathryn Majike – Senior Brand Marketing and Advertising Manager


  • Sean McBride, Chief Creative Director 
  • Gregg Nelson, SVP Group Creative Director 
  • Michael Sullivan, SVP Group Creative Director
  • Evan Hohenwarter, Senior Copywriter
  • Diana Friedman, Senior Art Director
  • Val Bettini, EVP Managing Director 
  • Sydney Southern, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Sean Vernaglia, SVP Executive Producer 
  • Sam Dapper, Associate Producer
  • Camara Price, SVP, Director of Business Affairs
  • Priscilla Patterson, VP, Director of Project Management


  • Benji Weinstein, Director 
  • Barty Deardon, Line Producer
  • Drew Santasiero, Executive Producer
  • Simon Chaudoir, Director of Photography


  • Anne Lai, Head of Production 
  • Aaron Langley, Editor 
  • VFX: Zero VFX
  • Meg Bailey, Executive Producer
  • Jaime Fortuno-Lavi, VFX Artist

COLOR: Color Refinery
Rob Bessette, Colorist

MIX: Soundtrack Boston
Mike Secher, Audio Engineer & Sound Design


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