Bart Timmer directs DIY disasters for jem & fix

jem & fix
(Courtesy Bacon)

Making the wrong choices when buying hardware can have dire consequences. Like an insanely powerful high-pressure washer, an uncontrollable flame-throwing barbeque tool, or a home littered with toilets.

That is why Scandinavian hardware chain jem & fix invites everybody to go to them for no-nonsense, low-priced products for your home, garden and DIY projects.

Created by Denmark-based agency Uncle Grey, directed by Dutch master of comedy Bart Timmer, and produced by Bacon, the new campaign is an absurd array of reasons to go to jem & fix. The films are made from equal parts dead-pan humor and tough reminders about why you should prepare adequately before your next DIY adventure. Watch our Reel Ad of the Week below:

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CLIENT: jem & fix

  • Head of marketing & e-commerce: Anna Lund Paludan
  • Offline & Content Team Manager: Mette Frost Schrøder

AGENCY: Uncle Grey 

  • Creative Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer: Lars Samuelsen
  • Chief Operating Officer: Charlotte Porsager
  • Associate Creative Director: Magnus Breum
  • Head of Production: Daniel Halasz
  • Executive Producer: Casper C. Rasmussen
  • Account Manager: Signe Aas Dam


  • Director: Bart Timmer
  • EP: Samuel Cantor
  • DoP: Rasmus Videbæk
  • Production Managers: Oliver Sand & Nicholas Perry
  • 1st AD: Stefan Danholm
  • Production designer: Nikolaj Danielsen
  • Props team; Lukas Gauger, Sputnick, Anette Riis, Astrid Danielsen, 
  • 1st AC Daniel Parmo
  • Video Assist: Atli Kristofer
  • DIT: Allan Legarth
  • Chief Gaffer: Morten Kildegaard
  • Gaffer: David Medina
  • Gaffer: Mathias Rasmussen
  • Gaffer Aske Wagner
  • Grip: Christian Brøndum 
  • Grip ass: Marius Krab
  • Stylist: Melanie Buchhave
  • Wardrobe ass: Jonas Worup 
  • Hair and makeup: Henrik Steen 
  • Hair and makeup ass: Christina Dahlin
  • SFX: Hummer Højmark
  • Stunt: Anders Nylander
  • Production ass. Mads Randrup
  • Runner: Tobias Kjær
  • Runner: Emil Løppke
  • Runner: Caroline Rievers
  • Runner: Mads Friis Becquet
  • Editor: Anders Jon Petersen
  • Composers:  Asger Baden & Peder Thomas Pedersen
  • Sound design: Adrian Aurelius / ballad
  • Post Production: BaconX
  • VFX supervisor:  Jan Tvilling
  • Colorist:  Hannibal Lang 
  • Conform artists:  Søren Knudsen & Lasse Selvli
  • Composite artists: Christian Malkut Predut, Jacob Carlsson & Oliver Buus
  • VFX producer:  Jim Lerch
  • Exec. producer:  Eliana Carranza-Pitcher

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