IW Group takes DJ Wasabi for spin to McDonald’s


Wildly popular DJ Shawn Wasabi takes a break from a gig to fuel up on some McDonald’s in a new spot showcasing the restaurant’s Bacon BBQ Burger and Snickerdoodle McFlurry.

Created by IW Group, The new Bacon BBQ Burger and Snickerdoodle McFlurry begins and ends with the green-haired sensation entertaining party crowds.

In between the action, the Bacon BBQ Burger, the McFlurry, and Wasabi’s signature Midi Fighter 64 mingle with McDonald’s logo and branding.

Much like the restaurant itself, the spot is quick, pleasant, and kind of mouthwatering.

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Commitment to Diversity

Joining Wasabi in various cuts are digital influencers Amanda Suk and Mike Bow, who starred in a McDonald’s commercial earlier this year. While showcasing the restaurant’s taste, convenience, and good times, the trio of Asian-American celebrities reinforces McDonald’s commitment to diversity.

Since McDonald’s is committed to diversifying in front of as well as behind the camera, they tapped content creators Wong Fu Productions to produce and direct.

To promote his McDonald’s commercial debut, Wasabi will share exclusive digital content — including behind the scenes footage from the shoot — on his social media accounts and invite fans to share what recharges them after a long day.

The Bacon BBQ Burger and Snickerdoodle McFlurry is available now in participating McDonald’s for a limited time.

Creative Agency: IW Group
   Flora Zhao (VP, Client Partner)
   Cenon Advincula (Group Creative Director)
   Heather Hannasch (Creative Director)
   Michael Cha (Executive Producer)
   Shawn Spears (Copy Writer)

Production company: Wong Fu Productions

Post-production company: Whitehouse Post

Music produced by Shawn Wasabi