Loki: Last 3 episodes create chaos and confusion

(Loki reveals main villain)

The last three episodes of Loki have created more chaos, confusion, and questions than anyone could have possibly anticipated.  Who’s producing this anyway, the God of Mischief himself?

When we last left the titular character (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) at the end of episode 3, they witnessed the destruction of the ship they were hoping would save them from the apocalyptic event on Lamentis-1, leaving us with the question, how will they survive? 

How did Loki and Sylvie survive Lamentis-1?

Loki and Sylvie share a moment together, which creates a very noticeable Nexus branch that garners the TVA’s attention and the two are brought back to the TVA just as the planet is being destroyed. Of course, we still have questions, some of which were answered in episode 4, and, of course, episode 4 left us with even more questions.

Why was Sylvie captured as a Variant?

We are shown that Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was the one who initially captured the young Loki Variant but before she was able to be seen by a judge, Sylvie stole Renslayer’s TemPad and escaped. She later explains to Loki how every place she appeared, the TVA appeared shortly thereafter and eventually she figured out she could hide in apocalyptic events. 

What happened to Hunter C-20 once she was brought back to the TVA? 

Renslayer tells Mobius (Owen Wilson) that C-20 (Sasha Bianca Lane) has died and that Sylvie destroyed her mind. Mobius has issues believing Renslayer and eventually gets a hold of Renslayer’s TemPad where he views a video of C-20’s debriefing where she explains that she knows she had a life prior to working for the TVA.

Renslayer is also on the video, looking directly into the camera, moments before it is turned off, implying that C-20 was killed by none other than Renslayer.  

What happened to B-15?

After mind-melding with Sylvie back at the Roxxcart event, B-15 (Wunmi Mosaka) has become increasingly disillusioned with the TVA and also questions what happened to C-20. B-15 asks Sylvie to go into her mind again so she can see her own past before she worked for the TVA and is surprised to see that she was happy. 

What happens to Mobius?

Renslayer prunes him in front of Loki and he disintegrates into nothing. 

Who are The Timekeepers?

Renslayer takes Sylvie and Loki to be seen by the three benevolent Timekeepers as Loki affectionately refers to as “space lizards.” Sylvie has a one-track mind and repeatedly attempts to kill them, however Renslayer has her under control with a collar.

Almost as angry as Sylvie, B-15 breaks into the chamber and disables Loki and Sylvie’s collars, allowing them to make their move against The Timekeepers. Sylvie manages to decapitate one, exposing the truth that they are mindless android puppets and we are still unaware as to who is pulling the strings!

What happened to 2012 Loki?

Once again, Loki and Sylvie have a moment, however, it is rudely interrupted by Renslayer as she prunes Loki and he disintegrates into nothingness, much like his buddy Mobius. 

Wait, what? A post-credit scene???

For the first time in the entire series, Marvel put our minds at ease to show us in a post-credit scene that being pruned doesn’t mean “killed.” Loki is alive and well in the Void, surrounded by four more Loki Variants.

With just two episodes left in the series, we still don’t know much about the elusive Timekeepers or Renslayer’s true role in any of this. It’s hard to believe that the entire story will be wrapped up in just two more episodes… 

Once again, in episode 5, some questions are answered while new questions present themselves. 

What is The Void?

Loki finds himself surrounded by Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant) Child Loki (Jack Veal), a Mjolnir wielding Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei), and an Alligator Loki.

The Void is the place where pruned Variants and time branches go to die. There is a smoke dragon creature that eats Variants and the contents of pruned time branches and all who live within the Void only survive by avoiding the monster they refer to as “Alioth.”

Sheesh, how many Lokis are there? 

Loki was initially greeted by four Lokis, but when he decides to leave that group, he is approached by a band of countless Lokis. Apparently, Boastful Loki betrayed Child Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki in hopes of ruling over a mass of other Lokis, including another Hiddleston Loki.

Unfortunately for Boastful Loki, Lokis gotta Loki and the larger crew of Lokis betrayed Boastful Loki. Classic Loki created a portal out of their bunker and 2012 Loki, Child Loki, and Alligator Loki followed him out of the melee. 

What happened to Sylvie and Renslayer?

Renslayer explains to Sylvie that Loki isn’t dead and that he’s in the Void. She also explains what the Void is and Sylvie discerns that the true Timekeepers are hidden on the other side of the Void.

Renslayer attempts to trick Sylvie into being captured again, but Sylvie wisely takes Renslayer’s pruning weapon and a TemPad and prunes herself to join Loki and evade capture. 

What happened to Mobius?

We now know that pruning doesn’t kill, but it sends the prunee to an inhospitable place where they COULD die.  We don’t know exactly what happened to Mobius after he was pruned until he shows up out of nowhere, driving a car with a pizza on its roof, rescuing Sylvie from Alioth, and driving her to 2012 Loki, Classic Loki, Child Loki, and Alligator Loki.

What or who is Alioth?

We really don’t know. Sylvie managed to “touch” Alioth as she was escaping from its wrath and was able to sense that there was something alive within the voracious smoke creature.

Loki believes if the creature is alive, it can be killed, but Sylvie wants to try and enchant the beast because she believes it is guarding the location of the true Timekeepers. 

Sylvie and Loki put their plan into action!

Sylvie gives Mobius the TemPad she took from Renslayer so he could return to the TVA. The other remaining Lokis choose to stay in the Void but wish 2012 Loki and Sylvie luck in defeating Alioth.

As the three Lokis leave Loki and Sylvie, Mobius uses the TemPad to return to the TVA. 

As Loki and Sylvie approach Alioth, Classic Loki quickly realizes that the two can’t defeat the creature on their own and that they need a bigger diversion than what Loki can do. He artistically conjures up Asgard and ultimately allows himself to be eaten by Alioth. 

Loki and Sylvie join hands so they can work together to enchant the guardian of the Timekeepers and eventually manage to quiet the creature and can see what lies beyond the Void. 

The SEASON Finale!

The final episode of the season begins with a punch in the face as the Marvel opening sequence scrolls through lines spoken by Sam, Hope, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Starlord, Thor, Steve Rogers, Hank, Captain Marvel, Loki, Korg, all over the The Harry James Band’s version of It’s Been a Long, Long Time. 


Once Sylvie and Loki enter the castle-like building that looked like it had been completely shattered and glued back together, they are greeted by Miss Minutes (voiced by Tara Strong) who welcomes them to the Citadel at the End of Time.

She explains that “He Who Remains” is the one who created it all and controls it all. She goes on to explain that he wants to make a deal, putting them in the timeline in a place where they can’t be disruptive. 

He Who Remains is the founder and ruler of the Time Variance Authority and is played by Jonathan Majors, who has already been confirmed to play Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

He Who Remains explained to Loki and Sylvie that he was a regular everyday human scientist in the 31st century, where he discovered the existence of alternate and parallel universes. At the same time, variants of himself in these alternate universes learned the same thing, leading them into meeting one another.

The variants shared knowledge and technology with each other, though some of his variants saw the alternate universes as places to rule over, thus starting the Multiversal War.

After one of his Variants discovered Alioth, Kang was known as He Who Remains and harnessed its power, ending the war. He isolated his timeline, dubbed the Sacred Timeline, and created the Time Variance Authority to govern and protect it from being overrun by his variants. 

He then further explains that if he is killed, countless other variants of himself will instantly appear and the universe will fracture into a myriad of alternate universes.

Loki tries to stop Sylvie. After the two spar it out, they share a passionate kiss and Sylvie proves she is a true Loki by sending 2012 Loki back to the TVA and killing He Who Remains, who tells her, “see you soon” before he dies.

What about Renslayer, Mobius, and B-15

After Mobius was sent back to the TVA using Renslayer’s stolen TemPad, he confronts her. She calls for Hunter U-92 to come to her aid, but U-92 is busy with B-15 in 2018, at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, which was printed on Renslayer’s pen in episode 2, so U-92 can witness exactly when and where Renslayer came from.

Renslayer overpowers Mobius and escapes through a TemPad portal “in search of free will.” Knowing where that damn pen came from is the only real resolution of ANYTHING in this whole series!!!

Loki returns to a very different TVA. Instead of it being decorated with statues of the “Space Lizards”, the statues have been replaced by statues of He Who Remains. Multitudes of variance branches are being displayed on their tech. When Loki finds Mobius with B-15, neither knows who he is and assumes he’s an analyst based on his attire. 

So now, the season has ended on a HUGE cliffhanger and literally, NOTHING has been resolved (except, of course, Renslayer’s pen). While we all know Jonathan Majors is confirmed to play Kang, we’re dealing with a multiverse that could have millions of variants of Kang, “He Who Remains”, and/or Nathaniel Richards. The Kang we will see in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania could be a completely different variant. 

Many of us expected this series to be a limited series like WandaVision, however, in true Loki fashion, the second post-credit scene of the series let us know that this one is different and that Loki will return in Season 2. 

It’s challenging to wrap up a series season when no part of the story hits a satisfying conclusion and we have been left with more questions than when the series began!

Will Loki and Sylvie be reunited? What’s Renslayer up to and will she be a villain or a hero? Will Mobius ever get his jet ski? Will we see the other Lokis again? Will He Who Remains officially be revealed as Kang the Conqueror? Is Sylvie the new MCU villain? Hopefully, these questions will be answered next season. We can’t wait! 

At least we know the villain isn’t Mephisto.


Joia DaVida reports on the entertainment industry in both Chicago and Los Angeles.