SPOILERS: Previously On WandaVision…

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WARNING!!! This article contains major spoilers for the series finale of Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney+

Many WandaVision fans stayed up late Thursday night until midnight for the west coast and 3AM on the east coast to tune-in to the final episode of Marvel and Disney’s first MCU series on Disney+.

Where a lot of us expected a certain level of closure, some questions went unanswered and the events of the episode created even more questions. Here’s our rundown of the show, questions left unanswered, and new questions we’re all asking.

Previously On

The episode picks up exactly where the last one left off. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) had just shared her traumatic past with Agnes/Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) and her sons were being held hostage by Agatha’s purple magic.

While it seems we as Marvel fans were already well aware that Wanda Maximoff is also known as The Scarlet Witch, this was the first time the MCU has officially acknowledged it. 

“White Vision”

In a post credit scene after Episode 8, Hayward (Josh Stamberg) was shown powering up what appears to be an all white, soulless version of our Vision.

Early in February Paul Bettany, who plays Vision (and White Vision) teased in an interview  that there was still a HUGE character reveal and he even went as far as saying, “It’s an actor that I’ve longed to work with all of my life. We have some amazing scenes together and the chemistry between us is, I think, extraordinary. It’s just fireworks on set. So, I’m really excited for people to see that stuff.”

He was talking about himself. While Marvel Fans were blowing their minds with all kinds of theories of who it could be, it was just an epic troll. 

“The Vision” as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) had referred to him was created out of Ultron, the Mind Stone, and Tony Stark’s AI Jarvis. We know that the Mind Stone had a lot to do with how Vision gained sentient consciousness, but we have no idea how Hayward was able to reconstruct Vision’s body and animate it. 

The Ship of Theseus

Wanda’s Vision has an epic, MCU worthy, action-packed face-off against White Vision as it is White Vision’s programming directive to destroy the Vision. Much like the interaction between Jarvis (Bettany) and Ultron (James Spader) in Age of Ultron, Wanda’s Vision begins to discuss the metaphysics of identity.

He ultimately blows White Vision’s “mind” by downloading Wanda’s Vision’s memories into his forehead, where the Mind Stone would have been, and basically shows White Vision that if he were to destroy “the Vision,” he would have to destroy himself.

He says, “I am Vision” and flies off to never be seen again for the rest of the episode. 

Fietro AKA “Fake Pietro”

One of the most mind blowing scenes in this episode was the revelation that Evan Peters’ Pietro was not some elaborate X-Men crossover as many fanboys and girls and theorized. Evan Peters plays Quicksilver in the Fox-men Universe and his “real name” is “Peter Maximoff.” While yes, Peter and Pietro are both Quicksilver, they’re also not.

The Fox-Men Universe and the MCU are still separate and this was just an amazing and delightful casting choice. While many speculated that he was sent there by Magneto or Professor X, or even enlisted by Agnes/Agatha, it appears that it’s just a “coincidence” and he’s a random resident of Westview who was also taken hostage by Wanda but used by Agatha as a puppet of her own.

We are shown in his interactions with Monica Rambeau that he has additional abilities outside of Quicksilver’s super speed, which was a tiny clue before the big reveal that he was just some harmless wannabe actor named Ralph Bohner (pronounced “boner”)… or is he?

Ralph Bohner is an alias Quicksilver used in the 80’s. Maybe it’s still an X-men crossover yet to be seen. 

James Woo, the Magician

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Woo was blown away by one of Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) card tricks and begs him to tell him his secret. He refuses and Woo takes the initiative to learn magic himself.

Hayward has taken Woo into custody and has him in cuffs. Woo tells Hayward that he won’t get away with his actions and that he has the FBI already enroute to them.

He sneaks a ringing phone into his hands and uses a lock pick to free himself from the handcuffs and exclaims, “oh Flourish” and uses the phone to actually call the FBI to come and back him up. 

Freeing the Hostages

In Episode 8, we are shown that the depth of Wanda’s grief created this version of Westview in an elaborate attempt to process her distress. The confusion both she and Vision appear to display in Episode 1 is sincere. She was unaware that she caused this, that she was the one in control, and that she was hurting anyone.

In this Episode, Agatha “snips the strings” of Wanda’s “meat puppets” and removes Wanda’s control over the residents of Westview, much to Wanda’s horror. They surround her and beg for mercy. They inform her that when they sleep, they don’t have their own dreams, but that they suffer through her unbelievably traumatic nightmares.

Wanda is heartbroken and genuinely remorseful that she has caused so much pain and immediately opens the Hexagon to allow the hostages to run for their freedom.

Unfortunately for Wanda, Vision, and their twin sons, Vision and the boys begin to fade away into nothing because they simply can’t exist outside of the Hex.

Wanda is forced to choose between saving Westview or saving her family. Before her family disappears into nothingness, Wanda closes the Hex back up and rejoins her battle against Agatha. 

Wanda Tricks Agatha

Throughout their battle, we are shown that even though Wanda has hurt and terrorized the residents of Westview, she really isn’t the true villain of the story. When she is shown the pain and hurt she has caused, she immediately takes action to rectify the situation. She had even tried to explain to Vision and claimed that she could “fix it.”

Wanda sneaks up on Agatha and uses her abilities on her, but it seems to backfire when all of the witches who turned on Agatha, also turn on Wanda. Agatha tries to make a deal with Wanda, she offers to “fix” Westview if Wanda agrees to give Agatha her powers. In what appears to be a tantrum, Wanda throws her magic all over the inside of the walls and ceiling of the Hex. 

Knowing that Agatha’s powers include the ability to absorb other witches powers, Wanda appears to play right into Agatha’s “trap” and seems to expel every ounce of magic from her body and allows Agatha to take it.

Unfortunately for Agatha, she taught Wanda a little trick about runes in Episode 8. Wanda used the same runes, drawn on the interior walls of the Hex with her magic and not only does all of Wanda’s magic return to her, but also what appears to be all of Agatha’s as well.

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Hayward Continues to be the Worst

When Wanda cracked open the Hex to allow her hostages to run for their freedom, Hayward sent in multiple troops in a ridiculous attempt to take control.

Agatha effortlessly uses her purple hued magic to lift troops high into the air and allows them to drop to their would be deaths, but Wanda steps in and uses her red hued magic to catch them and gently drop them just a couple feet so they are relatively unharmed. 

She instructs her children to “handle the military” and they use their abilities to disarm the soldiers in the blink of an eye. A dismayed Hayward gets out of his car and fires his weapon at the two unarmed children.

Within seconds, Monica Rambeau, who is also unarmed and Black, steps in front of the bullets in order to save the lives of the young boys. She manages to catch the bullets with her body, yet is somehow completely unarmed.

She missed one bullet, but the twin with similar abilities to Wanda’s uses his blue toned magic to catch the bullet and drop it before it reaches his body. 

Monica’s New Found Abilities

While being held captive by “Fietro”, Monica exudes some of her new powers. She somehow induces a way for her to see the magic that is manipulating Ralph Bohner and is able to break it.

While protecting Wanda’s boys from Hayward, she inadvertently manages to manipulate the “phase” of her body to catch and slow down the bullets without any damage to herself. 

Darcy Lewis

After Hayward unloads his weapon at an unarmed woman of color who was valiantly protecting two unarmed children, he flees like the coward he is and almost gets away until Darcy Lewis, comes out of nowhere driving a funnel cake truck that strikes the military vehicle Hayward was driving and pins him in it for others to take him into custody. She exclaims, “Have fun in prison!” 

Before Woo can take command of the crime scene, Darcy disappears and apparently flippantly tells Monica, “debriefs are for the weak”, a message Monica relays to Woo in a mid credit scene.

Agatha’s Punishment

After tricking and defeating Agatha, Wanda decides to “punish” her by permanently assigning the role that she chose, as the nosey and annoying neighbor, Agnes.

Before Wanda mind wipes Agatha indefinitely, she begs Wanda not to and warns her, “you have no idea what you’ve unleashed. You’re gonna need me.”

Wanda calmly replies, “If I do, I know where to find you”. She then taps Agatha’s forehead and she is transformed back to the character of Agnes who lives in Westview now. 

Wanda Ultimately Makes Her Sacrifice

The family of four retire to their home in Westview and enjoy one last evening together as the Hex is slowly dissipating across the town. Vision and Wanda tuck in their children for the last time and Wanda says, “You know, a family is forever. We could never truly leave each other, even if we tried,” she then goes on to say something really interesting, she says, “Thanks for choosing me to be your mom” as she watches the wall of the Hex come closer to her home.

Vision asks what he is and Wanda explains that he is the piece of the Mind Stone that exists inside of her. We know that when she had access to Loki’s scepter, she absorbed something from the Mind Stone, and we saw when he died, a yellow plume of energy appeared to flow out of Vision and into Wanda.

Vision’s last words to Wanda were, “so long, darling” and Wanda is left in the empty lot, with nothing but the foundation left of the home they shared for these 9 episodes. 

It appears that she will turn herself in as she sullenly walks past many of her tortured hostages. She exchanges a few words with Monica Rambeau, who knows that this was unintentional and that Wanda isn’t the evil mastermind Hayward made her out to be. Wanda apologizes to Monica for all the pain and suffering she’s caused and flies away just when more authorities appear. 

Post Credit Scene 1: Monica and the Skrull

In the mid credit scene, Monica is approached by someone who appears to be an FBI agent and is asked to join her in the theater. The two enter the theater and the agent reveals herself to be a Skrull, the same race of humanoid alien beings that Captain Marvel aided in the film by the same name.

The skrull then says, “I was sent by an old friend of your mother’s. He heard you’d been grounded. He’d like to meet with you.”

“Where?” Monica asks.

The Skrull responds by simply pointing upward. It is unclear if she is referring to Nick Fury or perhaps another Skrull. All we know is that the person is a “he,” so we know they are NOT Captain Marvel. 

Post Credit Scene 2: The Darkhold aka ‘The Book of the Damned”

In the post credit scene, we are shown two Wanda’s, one who seems to be enjoying her solitude, while the other is entranced in the Darkhold. The Darkhold has been previously introduced in MCU canon in both Marvel’s Runaways and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This one is obviously slightly different, but it SHOULD still be the same exact book. Agatha warned Wanda about unleashing something and it could very well be this book. 

The finale left some questions unanswered.

Where Did White Vision Go?

Once Wanda’s Vision convinces him that HE is “the Vision”, he takes off and disappears. Where did he go? What is he doing? Will we ever see him again? Will he seek out Wanda at some point?

Where Did Darcy Go?

Darcy has provided comic relief in her previous MCU films as well as WandaVision. It’s weird that she just disappears. Will we ever see her again? Will she pick back up with Dr. Jane Foster in the next Thor movie?

Why didn’t Wanda face any consequences for her actions?

It seems like Wanda is willing to face consequences for the suffering she has caused and she DOES apologize for it, but then when the FBI shows up, she just takes off without any consequences. We see Hayward being taken into custody, but why does Wanda get to fly off into the sunset? 

How Many Skrulls Have Infiltrated Our Population?

Monica seems unsurprised when a Skrull reveals herself to her. If an FBI agent can be replaced by a Skrull, it begs the question, how many more are there? 

Between a floating Wanda reading the Darkhold and a White Vision who is coming to terms with his own existence, even though this is the end of the series, we know that Wanda and Vision’s story is not over.

Perhaps the two will reunite to search for the screaming souls of their children. We will all just have to wait and see what lies ahead for the White Vision and the Scarlet Witch. 


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