Instagram celebrates everyday connections in new campaign


Instagram has created a new campaign in partnership with advertising agency Johannes Leonardo, which runs from July 30 to October 8 in the US. The campaign, called Instagram Connections, aims to celebrate Gen Z and the real connections and friendships built on Instagram through small, everyday acts of creative expression.

Based on insights and interviews with creators and real teens, the campaign provides an authentic look into the nuances of this generation, highlighting that real connection isn’t something that simply happens but rather something that is actively made.

Eshan Ponnadurai, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Meta (the parent company of Instagram), explains that the next generation is leading a shift in how people use Instagram, and the campaign aims to celebrate that by emphasizing Instagram as a place to strengthen relationships with close friends and build connections with new ones.

The campaign showcases various small acts of creativity on the platform, such as photo dumps, reacting to stories, replying to notes, and sending memes in direct messages, all of which can lead to significant friendships.

The campaign, directed by Vincent Haycock, takes a raw, docu-style approach to capture Gen Z in their authentic elements. The music for the long-form videos, “Small Fries” and “Send Off,” is composed and produced by Dev Hynes (also known as Blood Orange). The goal is to bring a dynamic and layered sensibility to these cinematic shorts. Watch below:

The campaign was shot in Austin, Texas, in the real homes of Gen Z individuals, adding to the sense of realism and genuine authenticity. Watch below:


Jeph Burton, Group Creative Director at Johannes Leonardo, explains that the campaign captures the raw essence of modern youth and showcases their connections in a genuine and unfiltered way. “The ‘Instagram Connections’ campaign captures the raw essence of modern youth, showcasing their connections in a way that feels genuine and unfiltered… Our collaboration with Instagram allowed us to embrace their authentic voice and redefine how Gen Z connect with each other on the platform.”

The campaign includes various elements such as OTT (Over-the-Top)/FEP (Full Episode Player)/CTV (Connected TV) ads, programmatic digital ads (video and banners), social media ads on platforms like TikTok, out-of-home advertising with spectaculars at Penn Station and Sunset Boulevard, audio and podcast ads with host reads by influencers Emma Chamberlain and Tinx, and on-platform ads within the Instagram app itself.

Overall, the campaign successfully showcases Instagram as a safe space for Gen Z to express themselves creatively, connect with others, and build meaningful friendships.

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