Scotts transforms lawn into content studio

(Courtesy Performance Art)

Scotts is embarking on an innovative venture called ‘Lawnstream’ – a continuously active content studio that showcases the vibrant and enriching activities taking place on a healthy lawn.

Lawnstream utilizes a suburban backyard as its canvas, capturing 24/7 content that ranges from product tutorials to moments of entertainment, special events, and more. All these activities are streamed live on YouTube through Earthcam, a world-leading network known for live-streaming web and traffic cams. The live streams provide a wealth of content for Scotts’ social media channels, engaging its audience with captivating lawn-related experiences.

Nick Bayne, Group Brand Creative Director at ScottsMiracle-Gro, explains the inspiration behind Lawnstream, stating, “From childhood memories of playing catch, to backyard barbecues and nights under the stars – a lot of life’s great moments happen on our lawns. We want Lawnstream to be a reminder of that feeling.” The aim is to offer an unmanicured, real-time experience that invites Americans to embrace their lawns and discover how easy it is to live their best lawn life.

Bayne adds, “And who knows, maybe you’ll spot a critter, catch a sun shower, or stumble upon a little surprise!”


Performance Art, a creative data agency that became Scotts’ digital innovation partner in January 2023, played a key role in creating and producing Lawnstream. Together, they envision Lawnstream as a powerful and innovative content platform that operates non-stop, providing relevant and transparent content across seasons. This content is then strategically deployed using up-to-the-second audience targeting across web, app, and social media channels.

Alex Sprouse, Group Creative Director at Performance Art, describes the limitless possibilities for the platform. They’re developing fun and educational content while seamlessly integrating Scotts’ products through tutorials and incorporating QR codes for retail promotions that appear as scannable easter egg moments on the lawn.

Already, Scotts has leveraged Lawnstream for various purposes, including assisting viewers with lawn care during the summer heat, using laundry day as a retail driver, and dedicating a full day of work on the lawn for National WFH Day. The lawn’s natural setting attracts a variety of wildlife, leading to discussions on Scotts’ Instagram channel to name the baby deer frequently spotted on the lawn.

For more inspiring content, Scotts’ Instagram feed showcases the experiences and moments that Lawnstream brings to life.

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