Indoor Los Angeles productions require masks again

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With hospitalizations on the rise due to COVID-19 in LA County, the Department of Public Health is now requiring crews on film and TV productions to wear mask indoors.

During a media briefing on Thursday (June 30) Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County public health officer, said that Covid cases are up 17% over last week. The area has now topped the eight cases per 100,000 people threshold, causing productions to once again tighten protocols. 

“With new hospital admissions reaching more than eight per week per 100,000 population, they will resume indoor masking requirements, along with several other safety measures,” Ferrer noted. 

According to Variety, an agreement made by the film and TV industry, if a metropolitan area or county reaches 8 or more new weekly COVID hospitalization admissions per 100,000 people over a seven-day interval, a threshold known as the “Escalation Trigger,” productions will require crew members to begin masking indoors.

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In her media briefing, Ferrer thanked the industry for working with labor partners to institute safe practices for workers on set, and for being stringent in their requirements for sets.

“This industry has worked closely with their labor partners to institute Covid safety measures that create safety for all workers while being able to continue the important work,” Ferrer said. “We do applaud them along with many other businesses that are taking advantage of the many tools that are available to keep workers safe.”

These new COVID protocols are effective immediately.

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